Toilet Sex

I had been waiting, hiding in the cubicle of the gents toilets for almost 40 minutes. Peeping out, waiting for just the right person. I was desperate to get it right. I was excited, even though truth be told I was doing this for my husband. The thought of laying in bed with him or riding him as I told him what had happened in great detail turned me on more than anything. 

Another few minutes passed and a man started using the urinal. I peeped through the gap in the cubicle door and knew instantly this was the one! He wasn’t really good looking and he was carrying a bit of extra weight but that really didn’t matter, it wasn’t important because I had noticed whilst he was peeing he had an erection. As I watched him hold on to his cock I felt myself get damp between the legs and knew this was it. As the man finished off I quickly and quietly took my coat off and dropped it to the floor. I stood there in a black pair of high heels, a white lacey vest bra and a white thong. 

Nervous, but excited I opened the cubicle door, the man looked shocked as he shook his erect penis to rid himself of the last few drops of pee. I walked quickly over to him, placed my hand on his cock. “Let me help you with that” I said as I gently stroked it. It was a nice cock. Not really big, but that appealed to me. I knew in moments I would be on my knees and I would be more than able to take the whole thing in my mouth. “Someone’s excited” I whispered to him. Before he could even answer, I had knelt down and started kissing the tip of his cock, tasting the very last of the pee still on it. I felt it throb as I gently ran my tongue over the tip. I grabbed his balls, pulled him closer and took the whole thing inside my mouth, just like I had imagined. As I sucked him off all the unknown man could do was moan out in joy. I used my left hand to slip both my bra straps down over my petite shoulders, displaying my small but perfectly formed tits. “Touch them” I pleaded. He ran his hand over my erect nipples and felt myself immediately get wet. I couldn’t wait to tell my husband all about this. I pulled his trousers firmly down to the floor and started to suck him off a little faster, my tongue working his entire shaft. “I’m going to cum” he panicked. “not just yet I replied. “Don’t you have something for me?” I asked… o quickly pulled out a condom that I had kept in my panties, ripped it open and rolled it onto his throbbing penis.

I stood up and walked over to the sink basin. I bent over, reached around myself and pulled my tight thong to the side, exposing my big, curvy booty. The man walked over, grabbed my thigh with his one hand, and with his other slid himself into my tight, wet pussy. It felt great. As he was fucking me, all I could think about was reliving it to my husband. “Mmmmmmm. Fuck me hard” I pleaded. The unknown man obliged. Grabbing my thigh with his left hand and spanking me with his right, he pounded me soooo hard. I thought about fucking my husband as I told him about the unknown man and as these thoughts circled my head I felt my pussy loosen, squirting all over his tool. He thrusted one final time, his cock throbbing as he came!

The unknown man pulled out of me, I placed my thong back correctly, walked over to the cubicle, reclaimed my coat, and left the toilets, making sure she shuffled my booty as I left.

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