Double The Fun

So last Saturday night I fucked two guys at once, and I don’t mind telling you it was fucking hot! In fact I know I’m going to get worked up about it just telling you guys. There’s something that always makes me feel great, powerful even, about satisfying two cocks at the same time. I felt like a goddess. On this occasion my playthings were my husband Wes and a man who’s name I can’t recall (we’ll call him GuyB for the purpose of this blog post).

Wes and I had already decided we wanted someone to watch us fuck – preferably a man as it turns me on a little more. Saturday night we had to go to a house party, and we were staying over so we could both have a drink, so we agreed that if the opportunity arose we would make use of it. 
Just in case I wore a flowery dress that showed my cleavage and came down to just above the knee. I opted for no panties or bra because… well… because that also turns me on, as well as driving Wes crazy. I love the thought of him thinking about me naked, under my dress. I imagine him getting hard thinking about it. 

Anyway… we’d been at the party for a few hours and the drinks were well and truly flowing. I was definitely a little giggly and tipsy. I was in the kitchen talking to some friends and Wes had gone to the living room, as it was the only room in the house smoking was allowed. I heard my phone vibrate in my little clutch bag and took it out to take a look. It was a message off Wes. “Living room… it’s time xxxx”. I felt my heart beat faster and my knees go weak. I told the girls I was going to check on Wes and left the kitchen and walked to the living room. I entered, making sure I shut the door behind me. 
Wes was sat on the sofa and GuyB was sat at the other end of the sofa smoking a cigarette. I didn’t want to look at him too much but I could tell he had a good figure and the darkest hair I had ever seen. I went and sat in the middle.

“Hi baby” my husband said to me. Rather than reply I leant to my left and just started kissing him passionately. As I continued to kiss him I placed my hand on his knee, and my mind drifted to GuyB. Was he watching? Was he aroused? I ran my hand slowly up Wes’s leg stopping at his groin and gently rubbing my palm over his crotch. There was a definite erection and I wanted it. “Unbotton your jeans” I demanded. Of course he did what I asked and I slid my hand under his jeans onto his erect penis and started to slowly stroke him under his clothes. Keeping my hand there, I sat back and glanced to my right. GuyB was bright red but he couldn’t take his eyes off us. “It’s ok” I reassured him. It was now or never, so I leant into him and started to slowly kiss him. 

He groaned with excitement and I felt myself instantly get wet. God I wanted them to touch me so much. I stopped kissing him, sat back once again, and placed one leg over Wes’s lap and one over GuyB’s lap. “Play with me” I pleaded in my most innocent voice. I caught GuyB glancing over at Wes. Wes nodded to give his approval, and apparently that’s all that was needed. He placed his hand on my inner thigh and started kissing me again. His hand very, very slowly making its way up my dress. Wes was watching, his hands all over my tits which he had pulled out from under my dress. My nipples so erect under the touch of his fingers. I stopped kissing GuyB just for a second. “Touch it”. I grabbed his hand and placed it onto my pussy. My soaking wet pussy. He started to rub me, harder than I thought he would but it felt amazing. I undid his belt buckle, yanked at his trousers and pulled them down, exposing one of the most beautiful, hard cocks I have ever seen. “Mmmm fuck me, that’s hot” I told him as I stared at is beautiful piece. At this point I had hands all over me. His hand was sliding all over my pussy, covering himself in my juices. He inserted two fingers inside me and I had to try really hard not to cum straight away. 
I leant over and crawled up onto my 4’s and slowly slid GuyB’s beautiful, stiff cock into my mouth, sticking my ass into Wes’s face at the same time. He took the hint and buried his tongue into my dripping wet pussy. Grabbing at my ass, his tongue working my clit. As he sucked me harder I sucked GuyB harder, taking more of his cock into my mouth as my hand clenched his tight balls. I could literally feel him throbbing inside my mouth. “Fuck me” I mumbled with a mouthful of cock. My husband stood up, spread my ass cheeks and buried his cock deep inside my pussy “Ahhhhh” I couldn’t help but moan. Cock in my pussy and cock in my mouth was enough to make me feel incredible. Wes spanked my ass cheek as he continued to pound me. Each thrust pushed me further down onto GuyB’s cock who felt like he was about to explode. A few more hard, deep thrusts and I came all over my husband’s cock. I could feel and hear how wet I was. I pulled myself away from Wes, stood up and climbed onto GuyB’s cock. “You want this?” I asked him as I softly giratted my pussy over his penis. “More than anything” he told me. I reached down, took his massive cock in my hand and slipped it inside me with ease. We both groaned with pleasure. I leant forward and kissed him as he placed his hands on my tits, teasing my nipples. I was riding him harder and harder and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came again. He felt wonderful… Wes stood on the sofa directing his cock towards my face. I knew what to do. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and pulled it into my mouth, taking his whole length, my tongue working away. GuyB now had his hands all over my ass, reaching behind me grabbing away… I started to suck my husband harder and faster and was riding GuyB as fast as I could. I came, again, hard and very loud! I briefly wondered if any of the other party guests could hear us. But I didn’t care. I wouldn’t care if they all came in and watched me satisfy these amazing dicks.

With that I stood up and walked into the middle of the room. My dress was up to my waist and my tits were out and free. I knelt down, looked at them both. “I want you both to cum on my tits”. They both got up and walked over to me. Each of them presenting their hard, throbbing cocks. I took GuyB in my right hand and Wes in my left and started to stroke them fast. I popped Wes’s cock into my mouth, sucked him, then swapped and sucked GuyB. My stroking was relentless and I could tell they were both about to explode. It was so fucking sexy. They both moaned at almost the exact same time and both shot their warm load all over my tits. I was fucking covered and it felt amazing! I gave each cock a little kiss on the tip, stood up and walked away… 

As they both pulled their jeans up, I pulled down my dress down to straighten myself up. I tucked my titties back into the top half of the dress, still covered in cum. I wanted to leave it there to dry, to stick to my dressfor the rest of the evening. I walked over to my husband and passionately kissed him on the lips. I let go, and while holding his gaze I kissed GuyB. I pulled away, walked off, and just before I left the room, I looked back at them both; “thank you boys” I told them with a wry smile as I left…
It was so incredibly hot. I adore threesomes. What do you all think?

Have you had a MMF threesome? Is it something you’d like to try? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear all about it…

Thanks for reading guys and girls.


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