The Hosepipe

So I have to tell you all about this cock the other day… it was the strangest thing… I guess I’ll start at the start…

Two days ago it was around 5.00pm and I was packing up from work when I received a text from my husband Wes. I’ll explain here, that sometimes we send each other kinky tasks to complete. The message said “Get a video of you sucking a guy off and send it to me. No fucking though, I want you horny!”

I loved the sound of this so I packed up the rest of my things left the office and headed to Jo’s Bar as I knew it would be one of the busier places. I got in there, sat at the bar and bought myself a whiskey on the rocks. Sat on the bar stool I pulled my skirt up just a little to show a glimpse of the top of my stockings. 

I waited for about 15 minutes until a hot looking guy went to the bar and ordered himself a drink. He looked at me and I gave him a sexy little smile. “Can I buy you a drink?” He asked. “Sure” I replied. “Whiskey on the rocks please”. He waited for our drinks and walked over to me. “I’m Matt”. “Hi Matt I’m Alice”. We exchanged niceties and started flirting a little. After a few minutes he went in for a kiss, I dodged my face out of the way and whispered into his ear “go into the cubicle, pull your trousers down and wait for me”. He looked shocked as he looked at me. I nodded to reassure him I was serious and off he walked to the gents toilets. A minute or so later I had a sip of my drink and followed him in. Luckily no one was in there so it was easy to see he was in the cubicle on the far left. I gently knocked on the door I heard him unlock it so I gently pulled the door open. As good as gold he was stood there, trousers and boxers around his ankles. Hard cock pointing at me. “nice cock” I told him. I walked into the cubicle, locked the door behind me and knelt down in front of his erect penis. Now… this is where it got slightly strange…

His cock looked lovely, really firm and a great girth. His balls looked full and ready to explode. It turned me on instantly. Here’s the thing though, I gently licked the tip of his dick and it forcefully moved to the side. I touched it with my hand and it shot off in the other direction. It was really powerful and it reminded me of trying to hold a hosepipe when the water pressure is too high – it just becomes uncontrollable. It was sexy, but difficult to work with. Every time I inched myself forward to take it in my mouth it would start pinging away… I wrapped my hand around it and tried to pull it towards my mouth, but I wasn’t strong enough…eventually I used both hands and slid it inside my mouth. As I sucked him off and stroked him with both hands I could feel the power of it inside my mouth. Throbbing is an understatement!

I needed to get my phone out of my bag so I took as much of it in my mouth as possible, released my right hand, reached into my bag and grabbed my phone. I quickly unlocked it, turned it into video and passed it up to Matt. I grabbed his cock again with both hands, looked at him and said “film me baby”. He raised the phone and started to film me taking every inch of his hard, hard, cock inside my mouth. My hands gripped around his shaft, stroking him as hard and as fast as I could. I could hear him groaning and see his balls tighten as he leant back a little and came in mouth. It was hot. His dick instantly went limp as I swallowed every last drop of his lovely cum. I stood up, kissed him, took my phone and walked out. As I walked past the bar I grabbed my whiskey and downed what was left before I strolled out the front door. 

As soon as I was outside I sent the video to Wes and walked home. As I got in I found Wes sat on the sofa, phone in his hand, masturbating. I could still taste Matt’s cum in my mouth and I was so horny. So wet. Needless to say it wasn’t long at all until I finally got fucked! 

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