Sometimes I have the fucking oddest sex dreams and I can always remember them so vividly…

Last night I fell asleep early. In my dream I was in the shower, washing myself all over, soaping up my titties – pretty ordinary other than the fact I had a massive fuck off cock! Like a monster cock. As soon as I washed it, it rose to the occasion, rock hard and so big it was pressing against the shower screen.

The next thing I know in my Dreamland I’m in our bedroom (only it looks a little different) fucking this really hot woman with green hair. She’s bent over on the edge of the bed, I’m stood at the end fucking her as hard as I can. My monster cock is making her squirt all over me, like she’s fucking drenched and she can’t stop cumming. The green haired beauty ends up getting down on her knees and sucking me off until I literally cover her in cum. And I mean cover. She’s absolutely soaked in my cum.

It was a weird dream, but really sexy. I woke up this morning still thinking about it and I was super turned on!

What’s the strangest/weirdest sex dream you have/had. I’ve had one similar to this on a few occasions.

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