Morning Masturbation.

Had a day off work today which is so fucking nice. I’m usually rushed in the mornings so I never have time to play so it was nice to feel how wet I was when I woke up… As I ran my hand down over my crotch I could feel how wet I was instantly.

I easily slid a finger inside myself and massaged my clit with the palm of my hand. I came hard in moments…

Thankfully Wes is back tonight. I can’t wait to see him and feel his dick stretching my pussy. He normally messages me when he’s a few minutes from home, so I intend to get naked and wait for him on all fours on the bed. Presenting my ass and cunt for him to fuck like I’m a cheap whore! Fuck I really can’t wait!

In other news tomorrow night I’m off to a strip bar for a lesson in lap dancing from a pro.  I’m really excited as this is something I’ve always wanted to do for someone. 


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