The Story of Suzi.

Saturday night Wes was going out with the guys so I decided to meet some girlfriends. We had a fun night together but somehow I managed to lose them around 10.00 so I headed towards my favourite club. It is there where I met Suzi…

We only actually started talking because we were wearing almost an identical outfit – tartan skirt, black heels and a black top. Like me, she was bisexual too. We had some drinks and some shots and really hit it off…

A few hours later after really hitting it off we made our way back to my house, and headed straight to the bedroom…

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer as our tongues met. It was sexy and really passionate. It wasn’t long before my hands were running up her skirt, finding her wet pussy, as she did the same to me – fingering me hard as we kissed. I remember how wet I was and I definitely remember how wet she was. To be honest I was completely hammered at this point as the booze and coke had well and truly kicked in. It didn’t stop us having fun though. Getting naked, taking it in turns to caress each other, kiss each other all over. I went down on her and made her cum hard, she returned the favour… we got into bed, naked and fell asleep… 

I was eventually woken by the front door opening and shutting. I had a quick glance at the alarm clock. 4.00am, so I knew it must be Wes returning home. Suzi was fast asleep. The bedroom door opened and Wes walked in. “Shit, I didn’t know you had company”. “That’s ok, come here” I whispered to him. He walked over to the bed, leant down and kissed me. “Get in with me” I pleaded. “Are you sure?” he asked but he was already stripping down. He got naked and climbed into bed, hanging off the edge. I turned over towards him – turning my back to Suzi – and started to kiss him. He tasted of whiskey and cigarettes. It was perfect. As I was kissing him I could feel his cock harden and press up against me. I slowly started to stroke it and feel him throb in my hand. He ran his hand between my thighs, really gently. He smiled when he felt how soaking wet I was. The kissing was getting a bit more passionate and as I played with his dick I felt a hand start to stroke my back and ass. I knew it was Suzi! I knew she had woken up and could see what was going on. I started stroking him harder and turned slightly so I could kiss Suzi. As I kissed her I felt his dick throbbing in my hand. Suzi looked at me and said really calmly “mind if I have a go?” “Of course not”. I replied. I threw the covers off us, she leant over me, her tits resting on me, and placed Wes’s cock in her mouth. I could see he was enjoying it but I definitely wanted more of the action. I got myself from under Suzi, crawled down the bed, parted her thighs and started to go down on her, just as I had earlier. I absolutely fucking loved licking her as she fucked Wes with her mouth. She tasted amazing and I reached my hand under myself so I could play with my pussy. I couldn’t take anymore. I looked up at Wes “Come fuck me” I demanded. 

He stood up, walked to the end of the bed and slid his hard, thick cock inside me, grabbing at my thighs and ass and leaning down on me. The harder he pounded me the harder I licked Suzi’s clit and fingered her pussy. Wes was working me hard and after a few thrusts I screamed “I’m going to cum”. Wes pulled out and I immediately squirted everywhere. I was fucking soaked! As I caught my breath Suzi looked at me “I want to go” she said as she directed her glance to Wes’s dick. Fuck, that turned me on! I reached in the cabinet drawer, pulled out a condom, ripped it open and rolled it onto his member as quick as I could. Suzi got herself comfortable on her back, spread her legs as wide as she could, and I looked on as Wes knelt down on the bed and entered her. “It’s been so long since I had cock” she said as she was breathing heavy and panting away. Wes fucked her hard as I sat up on the end of the bed playing with myself as I watched them. I was groaning and almost ready to cum again. Wes knew. He pulled out of Suzi, directed her towards me and rolled her over. He went into her from behind as her tongue caressed my cunt. I was still soaking. My one hand was playing and grabbing at my tits, the other was pushing her face down into my pussy harder. I could see and hear Wes fucking her. She came quickly and hard.

I wanted him again so I got up, pushed him on his back, took his rubber off and climbed on top of him, enjoying every fucking inch. “Sit on his face” I told her. She did as she was told, edging her pussy into his mouth so he could lick away. As I started to ride him, we started to kiss each other and feel each othethers breasts. After a couple of minutes we both came. She rolled off Wes’ face, and he was soaked from her juices. He got off the bed and stood up. I knelt on the floor and took his dick in my mouth. Suzi watched for about 30 seconds until she joined us. Kneeling down, grabbing his cock off me and ramming it in her mouth, deep throating him. We took it turns to kiss and lick his cock. Wes looked down at us both “I’m going to cum so fucking hard”. We both looked up at him with every bit of sexy innocence we had left as he took his cock in his hand and shot his load all over our faces and tits! 

What an incredible night! I really, really hope I and we, can see Suzi again sometime. 

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