A Very Public Spanking.

Saturday night Wes and I were hitting the town for some much needed drinking and dancing. We hadn’t been out in a while as he’s been away working lots recently. We had some pre-drinks (half a bottle of Vodka) at home to get us in the mood. Whilst sat in our living room drinking he gave me a small gift box which contained one of the sexiest, sluttiest dresses I have ever seen.

There was hardly anything to it! It had an open front with two small straps, that barely even covered my small tits and the dress finished just below my ass. It was really hot. “Wear this without any underwear please baby” he requested. I knew I was in for a fucking hot night!

I did as I was asked and put the dress on with some high heels and of course no underwear. We headed out and visited a few bars. I could see him staring at me (and other guys too) and it was turning me on. Every now again I’d catch him looking at my titties and I’d see his cock twitch under his trousers. It was a massive turn on. We were pretty tipsy as we walked through town heading into several different bars and it was getting late so we decided to head to one of our favourite nightclubs. We got in and ordered our drinks. It was packed and smelt of sweat and booze. Luckily, we managed to find a small table at the back of the club, so we could sit down opposite each other.

As we were chatting and flirting I would occasionally drop my one shoe to the floor and caress his package with my foot under the table. He was undressing me with his eyes and he was getting harder and harder.

At one point I leant in to talk to him, and my left tit fell completely out of my tiny dress! I smiled and slowly tucked it away. “Thats really fucking naughty Wes told me”. “Sorry, husband it was just an accident” I replied in a sexy, innocent voice. He looked at me. Smiled. “Well, it needs fucking punishing” he scowled at me. “Come here”. I liked this a lot, so I stood up, walked around the side of the small table, and stood next to him. He placed his arm around the back of my waist and forcefully pulled me onto his lap. My tits touching his groin. I knew what was coming. I had a quick look around. The nightclub was still packed and there were several people watching us, wondering what was going on. Really slowly he pulled my skirt up over my ass. I was exposed for the whole club to see. The adrenaline kicked in and I felt my pussy pulse as I got wetter and wetter. It was hot. My big ass out in the world! He slowly and firmly spanked me 5 times on my right cheek. I wanted him so bad at this point.  I wanted him to just bend me over the table and fuck me like a cheap whore. He then struck my left ass cheek 5 times, lingering on the last spank, so he could run his hand up my ass crack and onto my soaking pussy before he pulled his hand away. He pulled my dress back down, covering my booty and I stood up next to him once again. I leant down and passionately kissed him, as my hand ran subtly over the bulge in his trousers.

looked around and there were 20 or maybe even 30 people staring at us. I don’t think I ever wanted him so much! We walked out of the club together, my ass still stinging. I could feel every single spank he had laid on me. For obvious reasons we decided to head straight home. This was my very first public spanking. I certainly hope it’s not my last!

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