We Need to Talk About Bob.

Bob. What can I tell you about my friend Bob? I have known Bob since junior school and we’ve been great friends even when we haven’t been able to see each other much. The most that has ever happened between me and Bob was a snog and a quick grope at a house party when we were around 16 years old. There is a somewhat strange facet to our relationship though…

Bob is a very keen (and very good) amateur photographer so back in the day when I was a “tumblr girl” he took loads and loads of sexy photos of me. We must have had twenty or thirty shoots together. He has seen everything. He has photographed me nude, he has photographed me with a foxes tail anal plug in my ass. He’s even photographed me and my hubby Wes fucking. He has seen some seriously hot shit! Despite that, as I said nothing has ever happened… In fact Bob has often joked with me that ‘he’s the only person who’s seen my tight asshole up close and not fucked it’ I guess he’s probably right too…

I text Bob a while back and asked if he’d be keen to take some more photos of me for my new blog (this blog) and my Twitter. He kindly obliged… We started off business as usual; a few lingerie shots, a few topless etc and it was going really really well.

He then asked me to get naked for the next set of photos. Nothing at all unusual here, until I jokingly said “If I’m going to butt naked, you should definitely be too!” Straight away he started stripping, until he was completely naked. We laughed about it, but I have to confess I checked him out – hey, I’m just a girl! He had a nice skinny body, and a dick which was much thicker than I ever thought it would be. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like hard – but, I was trying my best to be a really good girl…

We went into the bedroom and I posed on the bed so he could get some shots. I really wanted some close up stuff to use of my tits, mouth and pussy. As he was shooting it I could see him get a semi, and when I parted my thighs to show my pussy, he instantly stood to attention. It was a nice cock. A definite 7 out of 10. I have to confess here, I was starting to think about my “friend” a little differently…

After about another half hour we had finished all our photographs and I jokingly collapsed on the bed. He “collapsed” next to me and we started talking. Generic stuff; what we’d been up to, if we fancied a drink afterwards – that kind of stuff. As I peaked down I saw that he was still erect, and to tell the truth, I was as horny as fuck from having my photograph taken. I sat up a little, looked down at his cock, and then back up to him. “Why don’t you bring that to my mouth” I asked him. “We really shouldn’t” he replied. “Well, you don’t have to” I told him, but it seems a waste just to leave it”.

I didn’t need to ask again. With me still lay down, he sat over me – knees either side of my waste. I grabbed his cock and started to pull it towards my mouth. He reached for his camera and took a photo (It’s actually the photo I’ve used for this blog post). I pulled his dick into my mouth and started sucking him off as my hand grabbed and cradled his tight balls. It felt good and I knew he was about to cum as my hand grasped and stroked his cock harder and harder. Just before he came, he pulled away and lay back down on the bed… 

“We really shouldn’t” he said. “It could make things really weird between us.”
“It doesn’t have to” I reassured him. I got up and sat on top of him with my back to him – reverse cowgirl. I gently picked his still erect cock up and started stroking it against my pubic hair. “Well, what do we do if it just slips inside me by accident?” I cheekily asked him. He didn’t answer, so I really, really slowly slid it inside my pussy. It was like an instant relief for me – I had been so turned on all day, and it filled my pussy beautifully. I leant down presenting my booty to him as I rode him. “Spank me” I asked. He started to spank me without hesitation, and with every slap of my ass cheek I rode him a little harder making sure I enjoyed every fucking inch! It was beautiful. I came hard, and as my pussy tightened in my orgasm I felt his dick throb and squirt his, lovely, warm cum inside me.

I stood up, and turned around so I could see him. As I looked down at him I felt and saw his cum trickle out of my pussy and fall onto his cock. “Now we’re real best friends” I told him…

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