Tim – It Happened! 🍆

I was nervous. It was finally Wednesday. I had been thinking about Tim and our lapdance since we had exchanged messages… Actually I had been thinking about Tim since the first time I practiced on him and saw his bulge under his trousers…

Around 7.00pm I started to get dressed. I did my hair, my nails and put on my brand new lingerie I had bought especially for the occasion; Black stockings, with a sexy garter belt, black panties and a beautiful black bra, and of course my high heels. I had set up the living room perfectly, moving a dining chair in to the middle of the room and setting up a red spotlight. At around 8 there was a knock at the door. I put my dressing gown on to cover my new lingerie and answered the door. “Hi hun.” 

He had arrived, looking better and sexier than ever. We sat on the sofa and chatted and drank a bottle of wine between us. I was flirting but I could see he was still very, very nervous. I knew from Wes that he had, had girlfriends in the past but was pretty inexperienced.. 

Around 9.30 I suggested we make a start, so I took him by the hand and walked him to the chair. I turned the main light off and the red spotlight on. The room looked great and I was so nervous but so turned on…

I stood in front of him, looking down at him sat in the chair. I told Alexa to start my music… As soon as the music hit I took my dressing gown off and dropped it to the floor, standing still for a few seconds so he could check me out. He was bright red but I knew he liked what he saw… I started to sway in time with the music as I slowly moved towards him, getting as close to him as I could. I stood there moving my hips seductively, before turning around so he could see the back of my panties. I gave my booty a little shake and bent down slightly for him. I turned back around and leant forward to give him a glimpse of my titties. My nerves had settled so I reached around my back and unclipped my bra, holding it in place with my left hand. I smiled at him and slowly sat on top of him, legs either side of him. “Oh fuck” I heard him mumble. I smiled and let go of my bra, watching it drop to the floor. I leant backwards, arching my back, presenting my erect nipples to him and grinding myself on his lap. I grabbed his hands and put them on my thighs and that’s when I felt his huge bulge throb underneath me. “Oh my” I said. “I’m really sorry” Tim quietly said to me. “Don’t be sorry, I love it” I reassured him as I continued to grind on him, feeling his huge, hidden cock…

I stood up right in front of him, and swaying my hips I really slowly peeled my panties off presenting my bare pussy to him. I walked closer as I ran my hand over my short pubic hair, then ran my hands up my thigh and onto my breasts, giving my nipples a cheeky flick. I turned around to give him a view of my naked booty and slowly started to run my hands down my legs getting lower and lower and lower until my hands were on my ankles and my ass in the air, my gaping, soaked pussy so so close to him. I could feel my juices running down my thigh, and just like last time I was sure he must be able to see how wet I was…

I turned around and sat back down on him again. I one again reached down and placed his hands on my thighs. I started grinding my naked pussy over his bulge and it was reacting. His hands were too. I think he was unaware but his hands were now running up and down my thighs. I had goosebumps all over my naked body. I leant forward so my erect nipple touched his lips, teasing his mouth. I knew my song was coming to an end so I moved slightly and softly kissed him on the neck. With that my song finished and the next one started. “Thank you so much that was amazing” he whispered to me. “No, thank you Tim, it was nice to practice again…” I leant in and kissed him passionately, grinding against him a little harder. “I want you so fucking much Tim.” He moaned as I rubbed my pussy over his bulge “Ahhhhh I want you too”.

With that I got off him and knelt down below him. I looked at him, still looking nervous, and I seductively bit my bottom lip, like a naughty girl. I took hold of both his waist bands and started to pull his trousers and his boxers down. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I pulled them right down and took a look at the biggest dick I have ever seen. Veiny, throbbing, almost down to his knees. “Fuck me, you’re huge” I said as I moved forward and kissed the tip of his cock. I could see his pre-cum already. I had to grab his cock with both hands – one on top of the other – before I took him in my mouth. He groaned and I felt his body shake as I sucked him off. I could feel my juices running on to the carpet, I was so fucking wet… 

“I’m going to fuck you Tim” I told him. I slowly got up, sat on him and we started to kiss again. I reached down, picked his beast up and put the tip inside me. “Ahhhhh” it felt so good. So big. I was so wet but I still had to be careful because it was so large. I started to slowly slide him further and further inside me. My pussy taking more and more of his cock.He was moaning and breathing fast and he felt fucking incredible. Now I’d taken all of his huge dick I started to ride him. Long, hard strokes, up and down on his cock. My ass bouncing in the air. I moved my tits to his face, gesturing for him to suck on them. He did. As his tongue licked and flicked my nipple I started going up and down on him as hard as I could. I screamed and came so hard! 

As I recovered – now fucking his cock with slow strokes, I looked at him and told him I wanted him to bend me over. I quickly stood up and got down on all fours. “Come fuck me” I pleaded with one hand underneath myself playing with my soaking wet pussy. He knelt down and slid himself in with ease. 

He felt even bigger than before – it was definitely pleasure/pain but it felt amazing. “Fuck me hard. Please Tim, fuck me hard”. He grabbed my curvy thighs and started to fuck me hard, just as I had asked. It was deeper than I had ever been fucked before. I was crying out with pleasure getting closer and closer to orgasm with every long, hard thrust. I knew he was close too. I could feel him throbbing inside me. “Finger my ass” I asked him. “What?” he replied. “You heard me, finger my ass, make me cum again.” He did – Really slowly pushing his index finger into my tight hole. My ass was soaked from all of my pussy juices and I wanted it harder. “Finger me harder and fuck me as hard as you can”. His finger started going quicker and deeper, in and out of my tight asshole. He took a breath and started to fuck me. His balls slapping against my curvy ass. I was so, so close “that’s it, fuck me baby.” He was moaning uncontrollably and I knew he was equally as close. “Cum on my ass when you’re ready.”. Three more big hard – so fucking hard – strokes, and he pulled out. I instantly came and squirted everywhere, as soon as his cock left my pussy. A second later I felt his warm cum (and oh, so much of it) fall on my back and my ass…

We both stood up and we kissed. “I’ve never done anything like that” he told me. “Oh Tim, we’re going to do a lot more like that” I told him. 

I got down on my knees to lick the remaining cum off his cock as I was desperate to taste him. Within seconds of it being in my mouth he was hard again. I started sucking fast and deep, stroking his long, long shaft with one hand and playing with his balls with my other hand. After a couple of minutes I felt his balls tighten and he emptied his load in my mouth… So much cum, but I swallowed it all, like a good slut, and it tasted wonderful…

I love how shy and inexperienced Tim is, and I can’t wait to help him discover new things…

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