How I Met My Hubby.

“You and your husband are amazing. When/how did you meet?” – via Twitter.

So because of the virus our swinging life is temporarily on hold… To cheer you up here’s a pic of me giving hubby a BJ ^

I still want to write sexy blogs so I asked people on Twitter if there’s anything they’d like to hear about… One person DM’d me and asked if I could tell the story of when I met my husband Wes, so here it is… And this is a night I’ll never forget…

I was 21 years old and was out with a group of friends. They were talking to a group of lads in a bar in Manchester and Wes was one of them. As soon as I saw him I really liked him. He looked hot and was definitely my type. As the night went on and we all drank together I found him really interesting and really funny. I was definitely instantly turned on by him, and knew I wanted him to fuck him… We all ended up going to a club together and we spent the whole time just chatting and flirting with each other. After an hour or so Wes looked at me and said “I hate the music in here, want to come back to mine?” I literally couldn’t get up and leave quick enough. Just looking at him all night had me worked up. He lived in town at that point so within 2 minutes we were back at his, sat on his sofa drinking red wine. At one pint he asked why I was single and I told him that I’d not long left a really boring relationship I wasn’t in to. “How come you’re single, your too hot to be single!” I asked him. This is when he explained it all to me…

“To be honest what I want is hard to find.” I questioned him on it a little and he said he wanted to start swinging. I was a little shocked at first but didn’t dismiss it all. “So you’d like to watch dudes fuck your girlfriend?” I honestly asked. “Well, yeah” he said smirking. I thought about it for a few seconds – it’s honestly something I’ve never thought about before – “Fuck, that sounds really hot” and honestly I was suddenly, massively in to the idea… He took a sip of wine told me how much he liked my little black dress, and how beautiful I was, then he leant towards me and kissed me. 
Fuck! I was so hot for him! I can still remember the butterflies. We touched each other up a little bit, but just over -the clothes stuff…

About half hour later (and it was like 2am at this point) I asked if he wanted to dance. We kissed again, this time with more groping. His hand was under the back of my dress feeling up my ass and my tiny thong and my hand was running all over his package (which felt wonderful). He jokingly said about how short I was (I’m not, I’m 5’4) so I told him I was really strong. Flirting, I pretended to punch him, and playing along he fell to the floor, spread out on his back… This is when I did the bravest thing I have ever done!

I looked down at him, lay on the floor, he looked so hot, and I just thought ‘fuck it’. So I lifted my dress up a little, took my thong off,  walked closer to him, and literally sat on his face! I could hardly believe I had done it but instantly his hands grabbed my thighs and his tongue started licking away at my pussy. My cunt was absolutely soaked, covering his face in my juices. I came quicker than I had ever reached orgasm before. I climbed down him, ripped his jeans off and out popped the most perfect, hard dick I had ever seen. Long, but fat too – it looked perfect! I instantly took it in my mouth and grabbed at his sexy, tight balls. He leant up a little to take his t-shirt off revealing his lovely, toned body. In return I sat up, pulled my dress over my head and took it off revealing my titties which he instantly grabbed. I then went back to work on his cock. Licking it all over, covering his beautiful cock. I didn’t even think about a condom for a second…

I couldn’t take anymore so I sat on him, taking his whole cock inside my pussy with ease… He leant up and kissed me as I rode him, his hands reaching around and grabbing at my ass. I came again… He then bent mebover his arm chair, and started to spank me while he fucked me deep – his cock throbbing inside me. I came again… He then sat me on the sofa, knelt on the floor and started fucking me again while I played with my clit… The louder my moans got, the harder he fucked me. Occasionally he’d pull out and slap his hard cock against my clit… I came again… Twice… 
He continued to fuck me – so hard, so deep, until he pulled out, stroked his fat, long cock 3 or 4 times and came all over me! It was the greatest sex I had ever had!

We fucked 2 more times in his living room before we went to his bed and fucked again before we finally fell asleep… When morning came, so did he… I woke up before him and took him in my mouth. “I fucking live morning wood!” I told him as he woke up to the view of his cock in my mouth…

Before I left we arranged to meet each other that night  (It was a Saturday). That evening actually ended up being the first time I ever had anal sex! But that’s probably a story for a different time 😉

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