Friends Will Be Friends.

“Have you ever fucked someone you shouldn’t have?” – DM Twitter

So this was definitely one of those times… It was years ago when I was at college with a guy named Steve. At school and college we had quite a tightly knit group of friends, out of all of those friends Steve was one of my best. We always used to have house parties back then as it was cheaper and often I’d end up sharing a bed or sleeping on the floor next to Steve. Nothing ever happened between us, not even a kiss, it was a completely platonic relationship.

One Saturday night it was his turn to have the party at his house. He lived with his parents but they were away for a week so it was a perfect opportunity. The night was pretty much like any of our other parties. Lots of booze, a little coke and loads of chatting, games and fun. About 2.00am I was wiped out. “Can I go crash out in your bed?” I asked him. “Sure, I’ll be in there later.” He replied. Nothing at all unusual about that, as I said this was a common occurrence. I knew my then boyfriend wouldn’t like it, but he wasn’t there and didn’t have a way to find out, so who cares, right…

I went into Steve’s bedroom took one of his t shirts out his drawer, stripped off, put the shirt on, got into bed and turned the light out. I think I fell into a deep sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow…
I woke up really thirsty. The clock said 5.00 am. I grabbed my water and had a drink. I realised at some point I must have woken up too hot as my t shirt was on the floor. I was butt naked in his bed. I couldn’t be bothered to put the t shirt back on so just went back to sleep…

I woke up a little later, 5.45am according to the alarm clock next to me. I already had a hungover! When I came round a little more I noticed Steve was spooning me. This happened ocassionly when we drunk. As I settled back down, I moved back into him a little and realised he had an erection! He was fast asleep. I lifted the duvet to see if I could see anything. He had boxers on but there was a definite bulge… I thought I’d just ignore it and go back to sleep…

I woke back up again a few minutes later he was still erect with it pushing against my butt. I felt horny. I knew I shouldn’t but I was curious too. I moved my ass back a bit, snuggling into him so it would press against his dick. I heard him moan a little but I was pretty sure he was still asleep. His hand started to go up the curve of my thighs to my side – he definitely felt some side boob at this point…I turned over and draped my leg over him. He opened his eyes and we kissed. In fact we kissed for about two minutes.

I ran my hand down his body and under the waist band of his boxers until I came to his hard dick. He arched back and moaned but we still hadn’t said a word to each other. 

I pulled his boxers down and took his dick in my hand, stroking him really slowly his cock was quite short but really thick. It definitely turned me on. As he lay on his back his right hand wandered down my stomach and onto my pussy. I was soaked. He pushed 2 fingers inside me as I leant back in to kiss him…

Still without saying a word I climbed on top of him, took his cock in my hand and slid it inside me. He groaned in pleasure. I lent forward so I could kiss him some more. As our tongues played with each other, he grabbed me by the thighs as I started to ride the length of his dick. We didn’t stop kissing as I started to ride him harder and harder he groaned loudly and came inside me. I wasn’t quite finished so I leant back, drove my pussy up and down onto his cock a final few times until I came really hard, squeezing most of his cum back into his cock…

I climbed off, he spooned me again and we fell asleep… We only ever mentioned what happened one more time – and that was almost ten years later…

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