Zack & Rachael. Swinging in France

“What’s one of your favourite swinging experiences?”

In 2014 Wes and I met another swinger couple online. Zack and Rachel were from the UK but we’re now living in the South of France. They were really nice and very sexy. Both were 25 years old. Over the following few weeks we chatted to them loads via Skype; general chit chat, and we put on sex shows for each other… After about the 3rd week of chatting to them they invited us to stay in their villa for a couple of days. We decided to do it, so booked time off work and bought some plane tickets. We arrived at their house the following Friday…

Their villa was fucking beautiful; 6 bedrooms, a gym, a bar room and an indoor pool. They were also just as cool in person as they were online. The 4 of us got on so well. The first night we just drank a load of wine and partied a little bit. I gave Zack a blowjob and Rachel gave Wes a blowjob at the same time, but we didn’t actually have sex. 

The next morning over coffee they suggested we go for a swim. Wes and I both agreed this seemed like a great idea. We went to our room to freshen up and then walked down to the pool. There were 2 cocktails on the side for us and they were both naked in the pool… We had a sip of our cocktails and took our swimmimg clothes off – as they obviously weren’t needed!

Hand in hand Wes and I ran and jumped into the pool. It felt great being in there naked. Zack and Rachel swam over to us and we all started chatting and flirting. I was really hot for both of them and definitely wanted to enjoy them… I swam to the side of the pool with Zack and started chatting while Wes remained with Rachael, giving her his best flirting moves… 

Zack started telling me how hot I looked. “I love your body. Great tits and ass” he told me. He looked good as well with his shoulder length black hair and slim body. I remembered how nice his cock was from the night before as well – not massive by any means, but big enough and he was nice and groomed…

I swam a little closer to him, put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him, my hair was soaking but I knew it was a look I could pull off. He started to kiss my neck and I looked to my side and Wes and Rachael were out of the pool, sat on the side, with their legs in the water kissing each other. His hand was cupping her tit. It was an instant turn on so I pushed myself closer to Zack, pushing him against the swimming pool wall. We started kissing each other again and our hands started to wander. It wasn’t long before his hand was gently stroking my pussy and my hand had found his cock. I stroked him softly a couple of times and he was hard. I looked over at Wes again and he was going down on Rachael. It looked so fucking hot. I started to stroke Zack a little harder and his fingers found my opening. “Finger fuck me” I whispered. As he fingered me the splashes from it were rising up and hitting me in my nipples. It felt great… I glanced back over at Wes and Rachael, and now she was on top of him, that beautiful cock that I owned filling her mouth. 

I put my arms around Zack’s shoulders and floated up, wrapping my legs around him. He reached down and his cock easily found my pussy. We were kissing while we were fucking – only breaking slightly so we could look over at our partners. Rachael was riding his cock on the side of the pool. His hands were all over her wonderful tits…

Zack’s dick felt amazing and so did the water, but I wanted to be closer to Wes so I could watch him… I climbed off Zack’s dick and got out of the pool. Giggling I ran over to the sun lounger and got on it on all my fours. I was right next to Wes and Rachael. I looked at Zack who was still in the pool, shook my booty “come get me” I challenged him. He jumped out of the pool and ran over to me – his erection pointing the way. He knelt behind me and his dick found my pussy onece again. We were still soaking wet, so we were slipping and sliding all over each other. He started to fuck me really hard and his balls hitting my ass were really turning me on. Wes was now on top of Rachael fucking her really hard and as he pulled out and shot his load all over her I came hard. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Seconds later Zack came inside me, filling my wet pussy with his cum.

We all sat down and had some more cocktails… As the boys recovered Rachael and I decided to put a show on for them. I lay on the floor on my back, she lay on top of me, head by my pussy. A classic 69. She licked me out until she had swallowed every bit of her boyfriends cum from my pussy, and as I licked her out I made sure I rubbed my husband’s cum into her tits. We ended up in orgasm at the same time, both cumming all over each others faces. It was so fucking hot!

We stayed there for another two days, all fucking each other all day and all night. After we left Wes and I spent another week on our own in a villa to ourselves. It was perfect! 

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