Stranger Sex in the Alleyway.

Seen as our swinging lifestyle is currently on hold due to the virus I thought I’d blog about a few previous experiences I’ve had as I really don’t want to stop blogging…

This happened a couple of years ago when I was out with my hubby Wes. If memory serves me correctly I was wearing a short burgundy, strappy dress with no bra, a black thong and high heels…
Wes and I had been out all evening, and like most Saturdays we ended up in a nightclub in central Manchester. Now, when we’re out I’m always all over Wes. Kissing him, touching him up, grinding against him on the dancefloor etc. It’s fair to say this didn’t go unnoticed by two guys who were stood at the bar. They couldn’t take their eyes off me. They even at one point told Wes “how lucky he was” to have me.

As we were on the dance floor Wes asked if I thought they were hot. “I like the one on the right” I told him. “He looks hot and looks like he’d be able to handle a woman well.” Wes kissed me and whispered into my ear “You should fuck him. I’ll watch you flirt with him from a distance.” I agreed it would be loads of fun so Wes went to the bar to get himself a drink, and I walked over to the two men who were still checking me out…

I started to talking to the hot one, and soon enough his friend walked away. He bought me a drink and we started talking and flirting a little. His name was Rich and he was a graphic designer. He kept telling me how hot he thought I was. Every now and again I’d look over and see Wes talking to other people, but keeping a firm eye on me. I found that really hot and if anything it made me flirt with Rich a little more. After another drink I asked if he’d dance with me. Before he could answer I grabbed him by the hand and dragged him towards the dance floor. As I walked I could literally feel his eyes checking out my booty…

I put my arms around his shoulders and started dancing. Lightly grinding myself against him. He put his hands on my lower thighs and would every now and again run his fingers up my skirt just a little bit, but enough to be touching the bottom of my ass cheeks. As I rubbed up against him I could feel him harden. I leant in and kissed him and I felt him getting even harder. I placed my hands on his and moved them further up my dress so he could have a handful of my booty. I looked over and saw Wes the other side of the room but staring at us. It turned me on so much, so I kissed Rich again before whispering to him “Want to fuck me outside, right now?” He looked a little shocked. “Really?” He replied. I took him by the hand again and led the way…

We went out of the club and up into the alleyway at the side. It was dark but lit slightly by a street lamp at the very end of the alley and some reflections off neon signs. We walked into the middle, and I moved backwards so my back was against the wall. I kissed him and felt his crotch. “I think you’ve got something for me here” I said to him as I started getting down onto my knees. “Oh fuck” he said as I started undoing his jean buttons. I could see him looking around to see if anyone was about. I could hear people at the end of the street, but it was relatively dark and I didn’t care anyway… I unbuttoned all of his jeans, reached in and pulled his hard cock out. It was a good size, and actually the first circumsised cock I’d seen in person. I took him in my mouth and felt him throb as he arched back a little, pushing his erection further down my throat. I started stroking and sucking his cock, until I couldn’t take it anymore. I was so fucking horny! “You have a rubber?” I asked him. He shuffled around in his wallet a little and handed me down a condom. I unwrapped it, put the tip of it in my mouth and then proceeded to roll it out onto his dick with my mouth. “Wow, fucking hell!” He gasped. Condom in place I stood up and started kissing him again. I lifted my leg so he could hold onto my thigh and he grabbed at my little thong, pulled it to the side and slipped himself inside my wet cunt. “Ahhhhhhh” I was immediately close to cumming. “Fuck me hard” I begged. He grabbed my leg, lifted it a little higher and started to fuck me with long, hard strokes. I grabbed at the straps of my dress, pulling them to the side to release my tits which were bouncing around in his face. He started sucking on my erect nipples as he fucked me. I came really quickly and mid orgasm I felt his cock throb as he moaned loudly. I knew he had cum. It was quick and hard but so fucking hot! He pulled his jeans back up and sorted his shirt out. He looked dishevelled and was really out of breath. I didn’t care though, I had, had what I wanted. “Thanks Rich, that was nice but I’m finished with you now” I told him. He looked shocked but said “thank you”, kissed me on the cheek and walked off…

As I was stood against the wall straightening myself up, Wes appeared. He’d been watching the whole fucking thing! “That was so hot” he said. “You made him cum so quickly.” He grabbed me and kissed me. Before I knew it he had turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I felt him pulling out his cock before he rammed it into be from behind, his cock shoving my wet panties out of the way. It felt amazing. I was still so wet from Rich. Wed fucked me so fucking hard, my pussy was so wet it was squelching. I came – really fucking loudly – someone must have heard me. He was grabbing me by the hair fucking me harder than he had ever fucked me… Seconds later I came again as I felt his warm cum fill my pussy….

We kissed, sorted ourselves out, then went back inside and danced the night away with his cum dribbling out of me all night. 

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