Isolation, Indecency & Infidelity

So, this isolation is a strange thing isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong I know there’s real issues people are going through, much more important than sex, but fuck me! What is going on with me at the moment???

I’ve been surprised at what I’ve missed and haven’t missed. Obvious stuff like hanging out with friends and going to pubs and clubs, but also some of the sex! No, all of the sex!

Is this what it feels like to be in a monogamous relationship? Like, I’ve enjoyed my hubby’s cock very much – it’s my favourite cock, but I’m definitely missing variety. I’ve actually really missed sleeping with women as well. I’ve been fantasising about a woman’s touch and the taste of her vagina, our tits rubbing against each other. I’m sure it’s going to be one of the first things I do when we are eventually back to normal.

I’ve also found all of my sex dreams have been really rough. Like guys using me to satisfy themselves. So many times recently during sex I’ve asked Wes to slap my tits, spank me hard, or whack his hard cock across my cheek. I just want it hard, naughty and rough all of the fucking time.

My mind has also been wandering. I recently ordered some toys from Ann Summers – I know, it’s arguable that it’s essential but a girls gotta do what a girls got to do… I knew the toys were arriving this morning so I was following the tracking. I heard the delivery guy arrive and stood up to watch him bring his “package” to my door. I looked at him – I’m not even sure if he was hot to be honest – but it turned me on that he was just carrying a huge dildo to my door. Honestly, it took everything I had not to just stand in the window of the door and part my silky dressing gown to expose myself to him… I couldn’t unwrap that damn dildo quick enough, and I was on the bed, legs spread, working away on myself. Imagining if I’d just opened the door, knelt down, took his cock out and pulled it into my mouth. I came really hard and then started wondering what the fuck I’m thinking at the moment!

How’s everyone else coping with their sex life at the moment? Has it improved? Is it more or less frequent? Are your minds wandering?

Love and fucks,

Alice xxx

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