Do As I Say, Rough Me Up.

In my last blog post I spoke about how I’d been craving rough sex since isolation. Yesterday evening I decided to take matters into my own hands. I was sat in the living room and Wes was hanging out in the bedroom. I felt really horny and had a real urge to be used and fucked. I started to strip off to the point I was only wearing a thin white vest and my tights – or pantyhose if you’re in America.

I walked into the bedroom looked at Wes, who seemed surprised that I was in such a state of undress. “I don’t want you to say anything” I told him. “Just do exactly what I tell you and be fucking rough.” He stood up. I quickly pulled his trousers to the ground, took his cock out of his boxers and placed it in my mouth. As I squeezed his balls as hard as I could, I felt him harden in my mouth. His cock was throbbing.

“Slap it across my face.” He pulled his hard dick to the side and realeased it so it slapped against my face with force. Fuck it felt good. “Now the other cheek” He pulled his cock to the other side, released it again and it slapped me across my other cheek. I grabbed his dick in my hand, stood up and kissed him. “Kiss me harder” He did. I reached down and took his hand and placed it on my tit. “Grab it for me” he squeezed my tits as he kissed me and I felt my pussy dampen.

“Rip my top off” Hw grabbed my thin vest by the neckline, yanked at it and ripped it in half. He kissed me again, his hard cock pressing up against me. “Pinch my nipples” He took his hands and pinched my nipples hard. It was definitely pleasure pain.

I walked over to the bed and lay down on my stomach, raising my ass slightly.

“Spank me” He sat by me and struck my right ass cheek. “Harder” I demanded. SLAP, the palm of his hand striking my ass cheek. “Again” “again” again” he struck me 4 times as I felt the blood rush to my ass.

“Rip my tights” He sat over me, grabbed my pantyhose by the crotch and pulled at them hard until they ripped, exposing my wet pussy. “Fuck me now.” He pushed his hard dick inside me. “Hard and fast” I shouted at him. He fucked my pussy with long, hard strokes, every inch bringing me closer to orgasm. “Push my head down.” He grabbed my hair and pushed my head into the pillow as his cock continued to fuck me. I could feel his tight balls slapping against me. “Ahhhhhhhhh harder, harder” I pleaded. He did as I asked and I came all over his beautiful cock, my head still be pressed into the pillow. “Fuck me in the ass, right now.” He pulled out of me, grabbed his cock and squeezed it into my ass. “Rough me up” I told him. As his cock pounded my tight asshole he started grabbing at me hard. Anything and everything he could reach. My hair, my thighs, my ass cheeeks were all being grabbed at. I knew I was close to cumming, I turned my head to the side, “Slap me”. He slapped my face as his cock throbbed inside me. I came again almost instantly. A few more pumps and I felt his cock twitch inside my ass, and his balls tighten as he emptied his load inside me.

As I felt his cum trickling out my tight hole I told him to take a photograph… Just like previousLy, he did exactly what I had asked of him…

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