Skype with Suzi…

You may remember from a few weeks ago when I met Suzi in a club. We ended up hooking up and sleeping with each other – that same night we also had a threesome with my husband. Story here:

It was meant to be a one night stand, but in reality we kept in touch a little with the odd flirty text. Since we’ve been in isolation we’ve chatted a little more and even sent the odd nude etc to each other.

The other day we were having a text conversation where I mentioned how much I was missing pussy, and she suggested that we should Skype some time.

Last night Wes needed to work late so I thought it was a great time to set my laptop up in the bedroom and video call Suzi. I was only wearing a over sized t shirt and some knee high socks… I set the laptop up on the bed and called her. She answered, wearing a skimpy red vest and a thong. She looked fucking great!

We started off casually chatting, but as I sipped at my wine I could feel myself getting hornier and hornier. “I’d love to see those wonderful tits of yours” I told her with a smile. She took her top off and as I admired her perky tits, I also took mine off. A few minutes later and her hand was wandering down underneath her pants. My hand had also wandered onto my pussy and I was already wet.

As we started to talk about meeting up again and how she’d like to fuck my husband again, I reached into the drawer for my vibrating dildo. “You gonna use that for me?’ She asked. “Of course” I replied. I placed the dildo on the bed, holding it with my one hand, and gently and slowly sat on top of it, taking the whole length of it inside me. As I rode up and down gently on the big, silicone dick, she took her panties off, lay down and started to work her clit with her fingers, pausing occasionally to feel up her own tits. “I can’t wait to taste you, and have my fingers inside you” I told her. She moaned “Ahhhhh fuck I can’t wait for that Alice” I turned the vibration on my dildo up a notch and I felt it through my whole body. “I want to taste you Suzi, and fuck you with my dildo” Her fingers were going faster and faster and to synchronise I started riding my dildo faster and harder. We both came at the same time and it was fucking wonderful…

we spoke for ages after and I told her I had taken a screenshot. She said she didn’t mind at all me putting them on here as I reassured her that everyone would love her sexy, perky tits. We’ve arranged to meet as soon as all of this is over. First on our own and then a night away with Hubby as well…

I really can’t wait, but for now Skype will have to do – and I’m really looking forward to our next video encounter…

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