An Unplanned Sex Show.

I’m currently sat in my garden, in the sunshine, drinking a glass of wine, and as I write about what happened last night, I just know I’m going to get hornier and hornier…

Wes and I sat down on our sofa with a glass of wine, and our laptop set up on our coffee table in front of us. Wes had arranged to go on Zoom to chat to Michael. Michael is one of Wes’s friends but I’ve only actually met him at a dinner party one time before – he lives alone so my hubby thought it would be worth having a video chat with him, while we’re all in isolation to check up on him etc.

At around 8 pm we opened zoom and called him. He quickly answered and we started the generic small talk; “how are you?”, “what have you been up to?’ Etc etc. It was a friendly chat and we didn’t seem to run out of things to say which was nice. Michael looked good, wearing a tight, black t shirt and some jeans. He was drinking bottles of Budweiser as Wes and I blasted through a bottle of white wine. Michael kept paying me compliments – he was just trying to be nice but I liked it a lot, and as always happens, the more I drunk the hornier I started to become. Michael even told Wes at one point (jokingly) “If I had a wife who looked like that I’d love being stuck at home.” It was cute and I felt myself blush a little bit.

Wes got up at one point to go and fetch another couple of bottles of wine from the cellar. After he had left the room I looked at the webcam and just said to Michael “So you think I look pretty?” I could tell he was tipsy himself by now and he quickly answered “You’re fucking gorgeous!” “Ah thanks hun” I replied. I thought about how lonely and bored he must be, so I shuffled myself towards the edge of the sofa, took hold of the straps of my little red dress and slowly pulled them down my shoulders, exposing my titties to the camera. “Fuck!” he said. “You like what you see?” I asked him. “Fuck yes!”

I pulled my straps back up, covering my tits and giggled. With that Wes walked back in with more wine and poured as a glass each. “What you been up to?” He asked us. I answered honestly, “I just flashed Michael.” Michel was quick to defend himself “I’m sorry bro, I didn’t ask her to!” It was cute. Wes laughed and just said “I don’t mind at all, she has great tits.” I smiled and moved my left hand onto my hubby’s crotch, which was just out of camera shot. I fucking knew it would turn him on, and I wasn’t surprised at all that I could feel how hard he was.

We continued to drink and chat, and by this point I was definitely drunk, but I was really enjoying myself. About half hour or so later Wes left to popped to the toilet, I reached to the laptop and lowered the screen ever so slightly. I slowly parted my legs, revealing my bare pussy to the camera. “Fuck!” He shouted again. I ran a hand up my inner thigh and onto my bush, before I closed my legs. Wes came back in. “Has she been teasing you?” He asked Michael. He didn’t reply. I don’t think he really knew what to say… In front of the camera I once again put my hand on my hubby’s crotch “he loves it when I tease” I told Michael… After a few minutes more of chit chat I was at bursting point. I just thought ‘fuck it’. I undid my hubby’s jeans and pulled his cock out. Instantly I leant towards him and took his bulging, beautiful cock in my mouth. Sliding up and down his shaft as my tongue licked him all over. I glanced over at the laptop and saw that Michael had come really close to the screen – he was obviously enjoying himself. As I swallowed all of Wes’s cock and cupped his balls in my hand I heard him say “fuck it…” with that, he pulled me off and pushed me down onto the sofa on all my fours. I looked at the laptop again at our own video feed, I could see that I was perfectly positioned for Michael to see everything. “Fuck me baby” I pleaded with Wes. He stood up at the end of the sofa, grabbed my thigh with one hand and used his other to place his cock on the edge of my pussy. I was so wet, the slightest push had him deep inside me – his balls against my ass. “Fuck me hard baby” I pleaded again. He spanked me with his right hand and started to fuck me with long strokes – each thrust getting harder and harder “Ahhhhhhhhh” I cried out. His cock felt wonderful and I was so wet it was just slipping and sliding everywhere… He reached under me and pulled my tits out of my dress so he could grab them and pinch my nipples. I came really quickly, but he was relentless and didn’t stop fucking me. I could hardly catch my breath but I just wanted more. “That’s it baby fuck me.”

I glanced over at the laptop, Michael was still sat there, his cock was out and he was stroking it hard. I looked at him through the camera “That’s it Michael, stroke that cock. Imagine you’re fucking me.” Wes was still pounding me and I started to imagine having Michaels cock in my mouth at the same time. I could feel my orgasm building, and Wes was constantly spanking me. As I started to orgasm he shouted “I’m going to cum!” He pulled out, which instantly made squirt everywhere, and he shot his load all over my ass and back! I had been well and truly fucked.!

I crashed down on to the sofa and saw that Michael had cum everywhere, his sticky spunk all over his hand and cock. “Oh baby, you’ve made a mess – I really wish I was there to clean it up with my mouth for you” I told him… I took another sip of my drink and started to clean myself up. Michael told us that it was “the hottest thing that had ever happened” to him. “I’m glad you enjoyed it baby – same time next week?” I asked him with a smirk…

I have a feeling. This so going to be an onlinere;ationship im really going to enjoy….

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