In Charge.

I decided I wanted to be in charge and a little dominant last night. Whilst in the living room I told my hubby Wes to strip naked – he didn’t need any persuading and stripped off butt naked immediately. I then asked him to sit down against the upright beam that’s in our living room. I pulled out some handcuffs and cuffed his wrists behind the beam. I knew he couldn’t go anywhere… I knew he was mine… I turned our LED lights onto a red glow so the living room looked nice and seedy and I put some classical music on…

Stood in front of him, really slowly I lifted my dress over my head and dropped it to the floor. I undid my bra and really slowly peeled it off presenting my titties to him. I had a look down to the floor and saw he already had a semi. I walked close to him and turned around so my butt was level with his face. I bent over a little, jiggled my ass in front oh him and as slow as I could I took my panties off. I turned back around to face him, and slid my hand all down my body – starting at my tit and ending up stroking the fur on my pussy. He had a boner, and I could tell he was desperate to touch it but his hands were still bound behind him. “Like what you see baby?” I asked him as I swayed in time with the music. I edged closer to him. “You’re all mine tonight baby!” I gently put my high heel shoe onto his cock which was now erect and twitching under the weight of my foot. I looked at him, smirked and told him “I know exactly what I want, and there’s fuck all you can do about it.”

I inched right by him and thrust my pussy into his face. I placed my hand on the top of his head and pushed his face hard against me. He started to llick my clit and I felt myself go weak at the knees. Every stroke of his tongue made me wetter and wetter and I continued to push his face into me hard. My cunt was dripping wet and his cock was throbbing under my foot. I pulled away from him a little and I felt and saw my juices drip from my pussy, right onto his erect cock. I ran my fingers and the palm of my hand over my soaked pussy, lifted it to my face, stuck my tongue out and slowly licked my juices off my hand to taste myself. “Now I need that cock of yours” I told him…

I crouched down, reached underneath myself, took hold of his dick and sat on top of it, sinking him inside me. “Ahhhhhhhhh fuck” I shouted. The release was instant. I started to ride his dick as I pushed my tits into his face, silently demanding that he lick and bite my nipples. He obliged and it tipped me over the edge. I start to ride him as hard and fast as I possibly could. I could tell he was desperate to touch me as I could hear the handcuffs moving and jerking behind the beam. I undid the cuffs quickly and told him to lie down. He did as I said instantly. I lifted his hands and placed them on to my ass. “You’re not allowed to touch anyhwhere else” I warned him. With his hands on my ass I started to ride him hard again. I felt myself orgasm hard as his cock throbbed and he came inside me. The feeling of his cum squirting inside me almost made me reach orgasm again…

I knelt up off his dick and moved myself up his body. My pussy was over his head – inches away from his face. The cum he had just blasted me with fell out of me and onto him – it drove me wild and I knew what I had to do. I sat on his face; “lick me you bastard, lick me until I cum” I shouted at him. As I felt his tongue lapping up his own cum from inside my cunt I came again – even harder than before… I collapsed on the floor next to him – both of us exhausted and barely able to move…

What a night! This girl always gets what she wants!

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