Him in Charge

After I was in charge and dominant with my hubby Wes on Thursday night we had decided that it was his turn on last night… I had already warned him that I wanted it rough and I was really hoping he’d treat me like a cheap slut. That’s definitely what I wanted…

After a couple of glasses of wine Wes told me to go in the bedroom, wait 3 minutes and walk back in completely naked. I left the room, stripped off, waited the remainder of the 3 minutes and walked back in naked… The room was dark and moody with just one lamp on. Wes was stood in the middle of the room – also stark naked – and he was holding our “special briefcase”. This is the case were we keep our very favourite sex toys. He popped the case on the floor, looked at me and said “get here.” I walked over to him. He put his hand around my throat, pulled me close and kissed me. As I kissed him back I felt his cock harden and press up against my belly. I reached my hand down to it and cupped it. He instantly slapped me across my right tit, hard. My nipples became erect instantly. “Did I tell you to touch it yet bitch?!” He shouted at me. I pulled my hand away and bit my bottom lip. Fuck, I was already so turned on…

He reached down and opened our case. He picked out one of my favourite suction dildos – this bright purple dildo is an absolute beast as well! He stood it up on the floor and walked back over to me. He grabbed my ass hard, looked at me “You’re going to ride like that like the cheap whore you are” he told me as he pushed me down onto the ground. Without taking my eyes off him I climbed on top the dildo. The huge cock stretched me wide open as I sank myself deeper onto it. “Is this was you want?” I asked him when it was completely inside me. He walked over to me, slapped his cock hard across the cheek of my face “Did I tell you to fucking talk?!” He shouted. This was turning me on so much and I could feel my juices dripping all over the dildo. Wes grabbed the back of my hair and pulled me onto his cock – forcing it inside my mouth. Fuck his cock was rock hard and tasted wonderful. He grabbed my hair tighter and started to fuck my mouth “Ride that dildo” he told me. I started moving myself up and down the huge dildo as I was gagging and dribbling on his cock. “I want to cum” I told him. He slapped my tit, harder this time “cum like the cheap little whore you are” his words were turning me on more than anything. I came really hard with the dildo filling my pussy and his throbbing cock filling my mouth.

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, a mixture of my spit and his pre-cum trailing out of my mouth and onto his dick. He grabbed me by the hand and yanked me back upon onto my feet. He leant down and picked the dildo off the floor. Grabbing my hair, and pulling my head back, he slammed the dildo back inside me with force. It nearly made me cum again. “Keep that inside you bitch” he told me as he turned me around and pushed me against the wall. I could feel his hard cock touching my ass as he got closer to me. He placed both his hands on my inner thighs and pulled my legs apart. “That’s it slut” he said as he got down on his knees behind me. He grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart and spat on my asshole before sliding a finger in. I felt my pussy grab onto the dildo as he fingered my ass. “A cheap slut like you needs fucking everywhere.” I knew what was coming next…

He stood up and forced his big, throbbing cock inside my tight, little asshole. He reached his hands around and started to pinch my nipples – his cock sliding further and further inside my ass. I could feel and sense it touching the dildo which was still deep inside my cunt. He started to fuck me hard, grabbing at anything he could but always coming back to pinch my tight nipples. My knees were weak but he was relentless. Fucking my ass deep and hard. “I’m going to cum!” I shouted. He spanked me hard. “Shut the fuck up slut” he shouted back. But I couldn’t hold back. It was building. “Ahhhhh, Ahhhhhhh” just as I was about to cum, he reached down, grabbed the edge of the dildo and pulled it out of my pussy, dropping it to the floor. I instantly came and squirted everywhere. It felt fucking incredible. I couldn’t stop cumming as he continued to fuck my ass. Finally, he pulled out, and span me around. “You know how to finish me off slut” he told me. I once again innocently bit my bottom lip. He threw me onto the floor, grabbed my head and shoved his cock in my mouth – so deep I instantly gagged. “Grab my balls you cheap cunt!” Fuck I was so, so turned on. I grabbed his balls and just sat there, mouth open allowing him to fuck my mouth as hard and deep as he wanted. I felt his cock throb, and with that I clenched his balls in my hand as he emptied his warm cum inside my mouth… He pulled out of me quickly “Swallow it bitch!” He told me. I looked up at him, smiled and swallowed every last drop of his beautiful cum…

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