Roleplay and ‘Only Big Dicks Need Apply’

Hi perverts, how’s it all going? I hope you’re all managing to keep well and staying safe…

Last week Hubby and I decided to have a lil role play for some steamy sex. We set a “bar” up in our spare room so we could play out ‘strangers at a bar’. I decided to go in full on, free loving hippy mode. I put flowers in my hair and wore a loose fitting floral dress – naked underneath. The pictures here are from the night. It turned out really hot. I entered the “bar” and immediately struck up a conversation with this tall, dark stranger. Every now and again I’d allow my titties to fall out of my top to give him a little peak. I could instantly see the bulge in his pants!

We had quite a bit to drink and we were flirting heavily. It wasn’t long at all though until he was pulling me close for a kiss – my legs instantly spreading as if it were automatic. After a bit of heavy petting I took his cock out of the zipper of his trousers, I got on my knees and took his beautiful weapon in my mouth, while he stayed sat on his bar stool. He tasted great and his veiny cock was throbbing inside my mouth so I did the only thing that seemedright, and sat on him, squeezing his cock inside my tight, wet pussy. He grabbed at my ass, and licked at my nipples, the second my tits fell out of my dress. Riding him with long, hard strokes, it wasn’t long before my pussy clenched around his cock and I came hard. Almost the second I’d finished I felt his cock throb and twitch as he emptied himself inside me…

I sat back at my bar stool and chatted and drank with him all night, as his cum trickled out of my pussy and ran down my inner thigh… Before the night was over he bent me over the “bar”, stood up and fucked me from behind, hard and deep – exactly the way I like it…

It really was a great night. We’ve always enjoyed roleplaying but have made more use out of it whilst in lockdown and it’s actually been really sexy. If you play it right, it’s just like fucking a complete stranger…

Do you guys ever roleplay with your significant other? If so what’s your favourite scenarios? I’d love to hear…

On a separate note we’ve also been talking about the gangbang we’re going to organise when all this is over. I think we’re going to try and get people from my local swingers message board that we’re members of. I have said that I’d only like people I’ve never fucked before, and we joked that we should put a headline of “Only Big Dicks Need Apply”. I’m super excited about it, and can’t wait for it to happen!

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