Swing When You’re Winning

I get asked all the time about our swinging lifestyle, so thought I’d write a little blog piece about it…

The very first night I met my husband Wes, he spoke about wanting to find a partner he could swing with. I’d honestly never even considered it before but I instantly found the idea really hot. You can read about our first night together in this blog post here.

After we had been dating around 3 weeks, he approached the subject again. I was definitely keen and I knew it was what he had been looking for. A couple of weeks later we went to our first ever swingers party – neither of us actually did anything the first two parties we went to – the people there seemed quite nice, and I don’t really know how to say this – but we weren’t really attracted to anyone there. We’d almost given up when Wes read on a forum online about an exclusive swingers club in our area that meet, up to three times a month. The parties are held at different people’s houses, or sometimes a venue is rented… We joined the group and sent in a application which had to include a full length nude photograph of the both of us. A few days later and we were sent a really cool invite through the post for a party at a location near us, the following Friday…

We both got dressed up and nervously drove to the house. I can honestly remember shaking with nerves as we rang the doorbell. I didn’t even know if I’d enjoy the experience. I wasn’t even sure if I liked the idea of watching Wes getting fucked by someone else – we’d not been dating long but I had really strong feelings for him – and I was worried that I’d get really jealous…

We went into the main room, and we both instantly knew that this was the right kind of club for us. Everyone there, male and female looked really hot, really sexy. After a couple of drinks we went into one of the bedrooms, there were 2 couples in there already fucking each other. We sat on a sofa and watched for a little while… To start off easy we decided we’d just fuck each other, so after a little hands on foreplay, I took Wes’s cock out of his trousers, rolled my skirt up to my waist and sat on him. As I rode him, I could see he was watching the other couples fuck and I knew they were watching us. I found it the biggest fucking turn on. My pussy was soaked and every stroke of Wes’s cock inside me, felt like it was going to bring me to a thundering orgasm. I turned around so I could ride him reverse cowgirl, that way I could also watch the other couples fucking. It was amazing. I kept making eye contact with people who were obviously enjoying the sight of my cunt taking in his hard cock. I came really hard and ended up getting on my knees and finishing Wes off in my mouth…

After that we went back into the main room and had some drinks and chatted to everyone. We were surprised to find out the club has almost 300 members – all vetted – and parties usually compromise of anything from 20 – 60 people. Since then, every Summer we have a massive party where almost every member attends – that’s one of the hottest days of our year…

After talking to everyone we left and headed to our local bar for a few drinks. As we started talking about what had happened I could feel myself get wet again and a quick glance told me my husband was hard again. We made the commitment then, sat at that table, in our local bar, that we definitely wanted to go again (if we were invited back) and we definitely wanted to fuck other people…

A few days passed but finally we received our invitation to the next event. We couldn’t wait, and although I was still nervous I was counting the days. Finally the day arrived, we dot dressed up and headed to the party. Once again we went into the main room – in this particular room sex was allowed – sometimes it’s not in the main rooms. We were drinking and chatting, and the drinks were definitely helping with my confidence. I deliberately made eye contact with a guy I liked a few times. After we had been there about 40 minutes a really sexy blonde woman sat next to me and just said “I think your husband is really hot, would you mind if I sucked his cock?” I was so nervous, still not knowing how I’d react, and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach – but I knew it was now or never. “Sure, please do” I told her. She got down on her knees, undid my husbands belt, pulled his trousers and boxers down to his ankles and carefully placed his semi erect cock in her hand. “Mmmm you have a lovely cock” she told him. I watched closely as she wrapped her lips around his member. I watched her sucking him, and I watched him harden like a rock inside her mouth. Every now and then Wes would look at me and I’d smile to let him know I was ok with it all. I was actually better than ok. All of my worries faded away as I watched her work away on his cock. It was such a fucking turn on. As I watched them, I slid a hand up under my little skirt and started to touch up my pussy. My panties were already soaked. I made eye contact once again with the hot guy, and he gestured with his head, asking if he could come and sit by me. I nodded. He came and sat next to me on the sofa and we started passionately kissing. I could still see Wes next to me, in the corner of my eye enjoying his blowjob. The hot guy ran his hand up my thighs, gently pulled my panties to the side and started to massage my clit. I looked over to get a good look at Wes’s cock in her mouth, as I was staring my guy slipped his fingers inside me – I came almost instantly. I honestly couldn’t believe how much I was enjoying it, how exciting I found it all.

I got done on my knees and pulled my guys cock out of his pants. I was turned on by his rock hard cock, that was really fat. Just as I took him in my mouth and deep throated him, my hubby’s woman climbed on top of him and took his cock into her pussy. Her cunt seemed wet and tight as Wes’s cock stretched it. My guy was groaning as my mouth, tongue and lips worked away on his lovely cock. As I watched my husband fuck his woman I knew I needed to be fucked. I looked up at my guy, with his cock in my hand. “Fuck me from behind please” He got up, and as he moved I bent over the sofa, placing myself so I could still see Wes… My guy knelt down behind me and really slowly pushed his wide cock deep inside me “ahhhhhh” it felt fucking amazing. “Spank me.” I asked. As he fucked my pussy his right hand repeatedly spanked my ass cheek. As Wes shot his load in his load into the blonde woman’s pussy I came really ducking hard, before my guy pulled out and came all over my phat booty… We kissed our respective partners, sorted ourselves out and had another drink…

Since that night we’ve never really looked back. We never miss one of the parties and we’re much more confident now – sometimes we still love to fuck in front of each other, but other times we take ourselves off to different rooms to find what we need… I guess our relationship has changed a little since then, as we now have a completely open relationship. We both get to fuck whomever we like – as long as were honest and open about it – and of course always have some dirty pillow talk about what’s happened to both of us… I still remember how nervous I was those first few times, and honestly it turns me on thinking about it – it’s made me horny just writing this blog… I think watching my husband fuck someone turns me on just as much as me getting fucked, and he says exactly the same…

What are your experiences of swinging? Have you ever done it? Would you like to try it? Please tell me in the comments below – you can comment anonymously…


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4 thoughts on “Swing When You’re Winning

  1. That was fucking hot to read. I once made my friend watch as I fuck his wife and cum inside her. They still invite me to some sessions to this day. 👅💦


  2. Always wanted to try it, although my other half would definitely not go for it. Reading your entry made me so hard and horny 😏


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