Happy Moanday

Happy Moanday day everybody. I hope you’re all feeling well and managing to cope with this crazy predicament we find ourselves in…

People always say “start as mean you to go on” so that’s exactly what I did this morning. I woke up at around 8.00am by the noise of Wes putting me a cup of coffee on my sideboard. I opened my eyes and saw him there, stark naked, semi-erect with a coffee in his hand. I’d had a really vivid, sexy dream in the night about him bending me over his office desk and fucking me while all his colleagues watched and wanked themselves off – so I was still really, really, hot.

I smiled at him. “Morning baby” I said as my hand reached for his cock. It only took the slightest touch and he was rock hard! Fuck I love morning kink – it’s like every touch is amplified. As his cock throbbed in my hand, I pulled it towards my mouth and started to suck him as I lay on back. As he grabbed my tits, I wandered a hand down and started to lightly rub my clit. He was moaning, and I could tell he was super turned on and this wouldn’t take long. I started to stroke him hard as my mouth worked his member. By now my fingers were inside me and I was moaning as loud as I possibly could with a mouthful of cock… My body tensed and stiffened as I rubbed myself to orgasm – Wes grabbed his phone and took this sexy pic as I came all over my fingers… He quickly put his phone down – I took as much of him in my mouth as I could and squeezed his cock hard. He pulled out of me, stroked his cock twice and emptied his load all over my face! It was perfect – a great wake up call and the sexiest start to a day I could wish for!

In other “news” as I currently have so much spare time on my hands I’m tempted to add a gallery page to this blog site – just of nude and kinky photos Wes has taken of me… I also really like the idea of starting a mailing list so I can email people a cheeky nude and a bit of smut a few times a week… All for free obviously… If this is something you’re interested in, please let me know in the comments below – don’t worry, you can comment anonymously…

Anyway, I hope you lol have a great day…

Love & Fucks,

Alice xoxo

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