Had a wonderful night with my hubby last – he teased me so much! We were drinking some wine and shots in our living room and it was more than obvious we were both horny. We couldn’t stop touching, feeling, groping and kissing each other. I was literally turned on for hours, and judging by the bulge in his trousers that kept appearing, so was he. We drank quite a lot and we were definitely very tipsy…

At one point we were stood in the middle of the living room dancing together and holding each other close. As he pulled me in for a kiss I could feel his erection press up against me. I moaned quietly to let him know how much I approved. He slowly ran his hand up my thigh and underneath my loose fitting skirt. I moaned again as his fingers touched my panties. He pressed hard on my clit and I went weak at the knees. As I kissed him, his fingers reached around my pussy and rested on my soaking wet cunt “ahhhhhhh” I could barely contain myself. I undid his belt and reached into his trousers to pull his beautiful, hard cock out. As I began to stroke him he slipped a finger inside me while his thumb massaged my clit. I bit into his neck and started to stroke him a little harder. As my teeth sank into his neck he pushed his fingers inside me deep. “Ahhhh, ahhhh ahhhhh, I’m going to cum” I whispered to him. He stopped immediately. “Not yet you’re not” he told me. He moved away from me and walked back over to the sofa. He took his jeans and boxers off, stood up naked, and poured us another glass of wine…

After a few sips of wine we started kissing again, as our tongues caressed he leant into me, pushing me down onto the sofa. He grabbed my panties with both hands and pulled them off me, spreading my legs as he got down to my ankles. He climbed onto the floor, grabbed hold of my legs and started going down on me. Starting slowly, kissing my pussy, his tongue flicking my clit occasionally. He could tell I was getting worked up as he ran his tongue down my pussy, lapping up my juices. I was moaning heavily when he fingered me deep. My body tightened as I cried out in ecstasy. His tongue flicking my clit, his finger fucking me – it was getting too much to take and I was drenched… He pulled his finger out of me, and slowly but firmly started to finger my ass as his tongue continued to work on my pussy. The more I moaned, the harder and deeper his finger fucked my tight asshole. I couldn’t hold it in any longer “fuck I’m going to cum” I screamed. He pulled his finger out of me, looked up, and said “not now you’re not!” Fuck. I was so close. Teetering on the edge. My whole body was tense… He sat back on the sofa and took a couple more sips of his wine…

As he sat there, I couldn’t stop staring at his beautiful cock, which was still hard. It seemed like it was inviting me to sit on it, take it all inside me until I came… He looked at me. I bit my bottom lip. He put his hand on mine and pushed my hand down my body onto my pussy. “Play with yourself” he told me. As I started to caress my pussy, he stood up over me. Staring down at me, watching me play he started to stroke his rock, hard cock. My juices had soaked my pussy and I started to firmly rub myself, getting faster and faster as I watched him. I was in awe of his cock. “Ahhh, ahhhh fuck ahhhhhh” I was so, so close again. “Stop!” He demanded, as he sat back down to finish his wine…

I was still lay on the sofa, legs spread watching him as he finished his wine. Praying that he’d finish me off soon. I already knew the release would be huge. As he sipped at his wine he ran his right hand up my thighs and started to finger me again, his thumb massaging my clit, just like he had done before. It only took seconds this time. “Ahhhhhhhh I’m going to cum baby”, “not yet you’re not. Not until you’ve sat on my dick!” I couldn’t get up quick enough. I climbed on top of him, grabbed his erect member and sat on top of it, taking his entire length inside me with ease. “Ahhhhh fuck” I screamed. I arched my back, and as I did my trademark leanback I came hard. “FUCKKKKKKK!” I screamed as I came all over him… He grabbed me by my ass and started lifting me up and down on him. My pussy riding his shaft with long strokes. I came again almost instantly… I had barely finished cumming or managed to catch my breath, when he pushed me off and pulled me onto my knees on the sofa so he could enter me from behind. This is when he really started to fuck me. Hard and deep, with every stroke a little faster – his balls slapping against my ass, and his hand spanking my ass cheeks hard. I couldn’t take anymore and I came again. I’d just finished, when he pulled out and I felt his warm cum absolutely cover my ass and my back!

The release of that first orgasm is something I’ll never forget – the frustration was worth it in every single way… I really can’t wait to be bought that close to the edge again!

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