A Working Wife…

Hi guys, how are you all? I hope you’re keeping well. I actually had to come into the office today for a few hours so it all feels a little different. There’s only a few people here, but I had to dress the part as I do love to tease… The photo here was taken in my office this morning thanks to my trusty self timer…

I actually really miss dressing up for the office – wearing something as slutty as I can possibly get away with and playing my favourite game of “spot the inappropriate boner” I find it so hot! I love “accidentally” showing some tit or thigh, or bending down really slowly and then noticing the bulges in guys pants as they try their hardest to hide it – it always makes me fantasise about having them pin me against the wall in my office, entering me from behind, their throbbing cock stretching my soaked pussy as we both try really hard not to be too loud! Fuck, the thought of that is such a turn on!

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I’ve taken myself off to a cubicle in the ladies to sort myself out. It always feels dirty and I love it. Sitting on the toilet seat, spreading my legs, pulling my panties to the side and rubbing my clit to pleasure myself… I always imagine people walking in and joining me… Actually about a year ago, for this very reason I bought myself a tiny, silent, vibrator bullet that lives in my desk drawer. I’m sure it must have been used at least once a week since I bought it…

How many of you guys and gals have masturbated at work? I can’t be the only person that does this surely? I love the thought of everyone wanking away at work – it’s really fucking hot! Let me know in the comments please (you can post anonymously)

Love & Fucks,

Alice xoxo

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9 thoughts on “A Working Wife…

  1. My coworker caught me one time masturbating in copy room…. But she was so nice to complete whith her mouth and bobbs…. It was once of the best cum ever had


  2. Not going to lie, reading your blog definitely motivates me to wank at work…had a few awkward boners to hide 😏


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