Notches on the Bedpost

A question I get asked lots on email and Twitter is ‘How many guys have you slept with?’ The truth is, I’ve never counted them up and I’m certainly not about to start now! I don’t see the point. Of course, I think about people I’ve fucked and the situations, events and places, but other than that I really don’t give it much thought…

In fact I think I can confidently say I think more about how many people my husband Wes has fucked than I do my own conquests. That’s the biggest turn on! I have seen him make some really beautiful and sexy women cum over and over again – and I love that. That’s what gets me wet and I often think back to times when I watched him fuck someone; bending them over, cumming all over them – that’s such a fucking turn on. My kind of wank bank go to is a time I sat on a arm chair in our bedroom, fucking myself with a dildo while Wes fucked this hot, older woman from behind. Watching her pump her made me so wet and I burst into orgasm at exactly the same time as the woman.

I love porn, and usually put some on when I’m masturbating, but even when watching porn my mind often wanders to Wes and something I’ve seen him do another woman… I think about the hot red head who rode his cock so hard she came within seconds, I think about the time he came all over a sexy young blonde womans face, I remember him fucking a tall girl as he fingered me and I think about the time Suzi rode his cock while I sat on his face as we kissed each other. I think about all the woman that beautiful cock has satisfied…

So how many guys have I fucked? I honestly have no fucking no idea. But, how many women has Wes fucked? I can remember every single one of them 😉

Love & Fucks,


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