I was so horny all day yesterday and last night. I had masturbated twice in the day and made myself cum, and I’d fucked my husband who had also made me cum, but I just couldn’t get enough! Wes made it clear that last night he wouldn’t be able to play as he had to have a meeting on Zoom with his work colleagues. I shut myself in the bedroom and started to browse the web on my laptop while I sat up on our bed. Obviously me being me, it wasn’t long until I was browsing porn sites. I started thinking about all the group sex I was missing, and fucking strangers and I had the sudden urge to expose myself to somebody…

I opened a new browser on my laptop and went on Chatroulette. I honestly haven’t been on that site since I was about 17 years old and I wasn’t sure if it even still existed – but there it was! As I kept clicking ‘next’ to see if I could find someone that took my fancy – my mind wandered back in time to when I was a not so innocent 17 year old. Sat at my desk topless just to see the expressions on guys faces who linked up with me. I started feeling really fucking horny. Ironic too that as a happy accident I seemed to be dressed as a naughty schoolgirl with a plead, little skirt and a white shirt – no bar of course!

I must have gone through about 30 people before I linked up with this guy from Germany who looked kinda hot. “Hi, how are you?” I asked him. “I’m great thanks, how are you?” he answered back in perfect English. We were having a little chit chat and it didn’t seem to be going anywhere so I was just about to click ‘next’ again when he asked “What are you on here for?” Fuck it, I thought to myself. “I’m just really fucking horny and wanted some fun” I told him. “Me too” he said, as he stood up showing me that he was naked from the waist down – his big erection pointing at his webcam! “Oh, fuck, well that’s really nice” I told him. “Why don’t you stand up and stroke it for me?” He stood there, close to the camera so all I could see was his hand slowly stroking his cock. I moved a little closer to my webcam and undid the buttons on my shirt to expose my tits. “My nipples are so hard. I’m so excited” I said as I ran my hands over my tits. “Fuck you’re hot” he told me. I could see his cock throbbing in his hand as he started to stroke himself a little faster. “You like my tits baby? What about this?” I asked as I spread my legs wide open, exposing my obviously wet cunt to him. “Oh my god!” he exclaimed. I reached down the side of the bed and pulled out one of my may, many vibrators. I turned it on and ran it over my pussy. The vibrations had an immediate effect “Ahhhh, ahhh fuck, I’m imagining this is your cock teasing my pussy, desperate to enter me” I told him. His hand was wanking his weapon faster and faster… As I slid the vibrator deep inside myself I heard him moan. I could tell he was desperate to cum. I held my vibrator upright on the bed and started to ride it hard – my titties bouncing about in front of the camera. Fuck, it felt so good. My cunt was about to explode… I looked at my screen his bulging cock, still in has hand. He stroked firmly as his cum shot across his room. I sat deep on my vibrator and came hard – leaving it there for a minute or so as I felt my pussy clench onto it as I caught my breath… “That was amazing” he said to me, as I pulled the vibrator out of my soaking pussy. “Thanks” I replied, just before I clicked ‘next’…

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