Almost Swinging

^ Here’s a bonus pic of my titties 😉

With the recent lifting of some of the restrictions to the lockdown in the UK, Wes and I decided it have some friends of ours – a swinger couple – over for some garden drinks. We obviously knew we wouldn’t be able to touch them, but our garden is really private so we thought at least we could chat openly and just generally catch up.

We have known Tony and Jo for just over a year after we met them at a local party. We’ve since seen each other at a few parties, although, we’ve only ever slept with each other once. They’re both hot and around the same age as us. Jo is tall, with nice perky tits, a rounded ass and long brunette hair. Tony is tall and slim, with a neat hairstyle, some stubble and a very pleasant cock.

Monday looked like it was going to be a nice day so we arranged for them to come over around 2.00pm. When they arrived we all sat, with our seats in a close circle and started drinking some champagne Wes had purchased earlier. It was nice to catch up and of course the conversation led to how much we all missed our swinger parties. We carried on drinking throughout the day, and when we started on the Sangria, everyone was definitely a little tipsy.

I have no clue who’s idea this was, or who mentioned it, but at some point it was noted how enclosed and private our garden was, and we should just all sit there naked. We all took all of our clothes off, sat back down and carried on drinking the Sangria. It felt nice, the sun coating my naked body.

The tipsier I got the more I couldn’t take my eyes off Tony. Imagining what his cock would feel like inside me. I could see Wes and Jo flirting with each other, eyes lingering too. But we all knew we could do nothing about it. Wes was sat right next time me and his hand was rested on my inner thigh. Not really even in a sexy way, but it was close enough for me to realise, a slight shift of his hand and his fingers would be brushing up against my cunt. I was getting really turned on…

We carried on chatting and having fun but I really couldn’t take my eyes off Tony. I peered down to look at his cock – he noticed so I bit my bottom lip and gave him a little smile. I looked back down and I could see his cock hardening as I watched it. He wasn’t touching it at all, but there it was getting harder and harder and harder, until he was sat there, looking at me, his erect cock pointing towards me like a game of spin the bottle. It was definitely the drink but I decided to be confident. Sat on my plastic chair, I spread my legs wide and ran a hand up my leg and onto my pussy. “Ahhh” I moaned loudly as my fingers found my cunt opening. I started to play with myself, the three of them just watching me, all getting turned on. I looked over and Tony had his cock in his hand, Jo was kissing his neck, and Wes was rubbing my thigh, his own cock now erect too. I grabbed my husbands hand, which was still on my thigh and pushed it down onto my pussy – his two fingers immediately sinking inside me. I groaned and reached to my left to take my husbands cock in my hand. I looked at Jo and Tony, looked back at his hard cock and said “I’d fucking love that in my mouth right now”. They both smiled. Jo got down onto the floor, sat to the side and took Tony’s cock in her mouth. I knew she had deliberately sat to the side so I could see her take the hard cock in her mouth. Tony leant back in his chair, thrusting his cock into her mouth, his eyes on me at all times. I was breathing heavy and enjoying Wes’s fingers when he also got down on the floor, held my thighs and buried his tongue into my pussy. I could hear his tongue lapping up my juices. I grabbed at my tits and pinched my hard nipples – still staring at Tony and imagining his cock inside me…

Jo got up off the floor and sat on Tony’s long, hard cock, taking every inch of him with ease. Tony was looking over his wife’s shoulder staring at me as I got closer and closer to cumming. As Jo started riding his cock hard, and I heard them both moan, I came all over Wes’s face. I quickly pulled him away, stood up, and sat him down on my chair. I took hold of his beautiful cock and mounted him reverse cowgirl. Riding his cock as he grabbed my thighs and kissed my neck, I was still staring at Tony, constantly keeping eye contact. I rode my husband hard and came quickly. As my pussy clenched around his cock I felt him cum inside me. It felt amazing and I continued to rock back and forth slowly on his cock. Tony’s eyes tightened as he came inside his wife. I climbed off Wes and his cum trickled out of my pussy and and on to the floor. Jo also climbed off her husband. She hadn’t quite cum so she sat on her chair, propped one leg up on the arm, and fingered herself until she came really fucking hard!

We all caught our breath and had a few more drinks. It wasn’t quite swinging but it was amazing to be watched again. I have never felt so grateful for a enclosed, private garden! I really can’t wait to have a variety of cock and pussy in my life again!

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8 thoughts on “Almost Swinging

  1. That was great. I didn’t think that is where the story was going. I thought for sure you guys were going to switch partners!


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