Garden Drinks With Tim!

Towards the end of last week I sent Tim a sexy snap of my tits and to my surprise (he’s very shy) he sent me one back of his cock. That ended up with us chatting a bit and arranging to meet for some socially distanced garden drinks Wednesday – as I knew Wes was out all day.

For those of you not familiar with my story of Tim, you can read it all here. Basically I stripped for Tim one night when I was having stripping lessons. I then stripped for him again a couple of weeks later and we ended up fucking. Like I said, Tim is painfully shy but he’s really hot with the biggest cock I have ever seen! I mean it is literally a fucking weapon and I needed both hands to hold it… I knew it would be really difficult not to touch him when we met as I felt the lockdown really put the spoilers on what was going to be a real hot and sexy relationship…

He arrived at around 3 in the afternoon. He looked fucking great, wearing a loose cotton shirt and some shorts that came up just above his knees. I was literally just wearing one of Wes’s oversized white, cotton shirts, with nothing else – it was just too fucking hot outside! We went outside into my garden, poured a glass of wine and sat opposite each other, a couple of meters apart. He was still shy so it was mostly me making the conversation but he was definitely loosening up a little as we sipped at our wine. “I’ve missed you. After last time I had really hoped we could meet each other again” I told him. He went a little red faced “Me too. Last time was amazing and I’ve not been with anyone all through lockdown”. At that point I’m just thinking to myself this poor guy must be full to the brim of the cum… I mean, I’m sure he’s masturbated but it’s not quite the same is it?

After a couple of glasses wine I started telling him how Wes and I were organising my first ever gangbang for when things are something like normal. “You should totally be one of the guys” I told him. Hopeful he would agree. “No way, I could never do that, I’d be too embarrassed” he answered me. I understood, but honestly, I feel like it would be all of the other guys that would be embarrassed when they saw him naked… Still, moving on I started telling him how I was growing a bush, to see if I liked it. “I bet that looks great” he told me. I looked at him, raised my foot onto the edge of the chair, and slightly pulled my shirt to the side to give him a glimpse of it. “Fuck, it does look really great” he said, unable to take his eyes off my pussy. I looked at him and low and behold his cock was sticking out the end of his shorts. Hard. Monstrous. It turned me on massively.

“You seem to have slipped out” I said to him nodding at his dick. “Oh, shit I’m so sorry” he started to blunder away trying to tuck himself in. “Fuck it, just leave it. No one can see and I’m really enjoying the view”. I placed my other foot on the seat so my knees were both up in the air. My legs spread – opening my pussy which was now wet for his viewing pleasure. “Fuck” I heard him moan. I ran my hand down onto my bush and felt its wetness. Every now and then I’d notice his massive cock just twitch and throb. It was so fucking hot! My hand was still slowly running over my bush and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Remembering how that cock stretched my pussy to its limits. “You should just take it out” I told him. “I couldn’t, not out here” “Why, no one can see it’s really private” I told him. I paused from playing with my bush and undid 3 buttons on my shirt, pulling my titties out and exposing my hard nips. “Remember these?” I asked him. “Fuck yes” he told me as he undid the belt and buttons on his jeans and pulled out his massive monster cock! Fuck I was turned on. I ran my hand back over my bush and down onto my pussy. I was soaked. I grabbed my left tit with my one hand and pinched my nipple as I started to really slowly rub my pussy. “You can play if you like” I told him with a sexy little smile on my face. He grabbed his cock, stuck it up in the air and started to stroke himself. “Ahhhh” he moaned. “Fuck” I exclaimed as I saw his cock in all its monstrous beauty. “That looks fucking incredible. I wish you could bend me over and fuck me with it right now”. He started stroking himself harder and faster and two of my fingers were no deep inside my cunt. His cock looked magnificent. “I’m going to cum” I told him as I sped up my fingers. “Ahhhh, ahhhh, fuck, ahhhhhhh” I moaned as I came all over my hand. I could still feel the pulse of my pussy as he arched himself back and came everywhere. There was so much fucking cum! It was literally all over him…

We sat there for a little bit. “Promise me, when this is all over we can fuck properly?” I asked him. “God, I want that so much” he responded. I fetched him a towel to clean himself up and a spare pair of Wes’s shorts as his were covered. We finished our drinks and then he got up to leave. “Will you send me snapchat soon please?” he said as he was walking away. “Fuck yes! I can’t wait” I told him…

It was so difficult not touching his beautiful cock, but rules are rules and I just feel like it’s all building towards a really fucking sexy meeting sometime in the near future!

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