Wanna Make Me Cum?

Do you want to make me cum harder than you’ve ever seen a woman cum? Do you want to make me so wet you could drown in my pussy juices?

Here’s a little list of the things that drive me wild, get me wet and bring me to orgasm as hard as possible…

Suck my tits while you fuck me – remember to bite those nips occasionally.

Finger my ass while you eat me out! Ugh this drives me absolutely fucking crazy. But remember slowly, slowly…

Pull my hair while you spank me. I mean c’mon, I’m bound to have been a naughty girl – the least you can do is punish me right!

Bite my neck while you grab at me. Instant waterworks for me. Grab at my waist or thighs, pull me close and sink those teeth into my neck. It literally makes me weak at the knees and instantly gush!

Squeeze my nips while you cum on me. I love this. Just before you pull your dick out of my cunt to cum, make sure with one hand you squeeze a nipple. It’s fucking hot – trust me!

While you’re licking my pussy – spit on it! It’s degrading and fucking wonderful!

Before I give you head slap your hard cock across my face – this has to happen in the right moment but it’s hella kinky when it’s done right!

I’m sure there’s loads more and I’ll update this post as I think of them.

What are yours? Male or female… What gets you soaked or gets you throbbing? Let me know in the comments below (you can post anonymously).

Love & Fucks,

Alice xxx

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