Photos: I’ve Been A Bad Girl

“I’m so sorry. I haven’t done any of the housework while you’ve been working all day.”

“I’ve been too busy looking at dicks and getting myself off.”

“I’m sorry. I know that I need to be punished.”

“I understand that you should handcuff me.”

“The chains feel so good on my nipples. I’m sorry.”

“Yes of course you should put my collar on me. That’s what I deserve when I’ve been such a bad girl. You can drag me and pull me around wherever you want then.”

“Of course I’ll ride your dick. It’s what I deserve!”

“I’ve been so naughty of course you need to put those clamps on my erect, little nipples while I ride your dick.”

“I’m so sorry I’ve been so naughty and I’m sorry I won’t shut the fuck up. It’s because I’m a bitch. Your bitch. Of course you should gag me so I can’t talk!”

“Yes you can lay me down and fuck me like a whore. You should use my cunt and do whatever you want to me. It’s what I deserve.”

“Of course you should fuck me until you can’t take anymore and then cum all over my body. That’s what happens to naughty sluts.”

What would you do to me? How would you punish such a naughty, little slut? I’d love to hear…

Let me know in the comments. (You can comment anonymously) xxx

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