The Story of… Nick.

My husband and I were talking about ex-lovers last night and particularly the ones that leave an imprint on you. The ones who are a sexual awakening. It got me thinking about Nick, who I slept with for the first time when I was 18.

Nick was always in our friendship group but up until this night, I hadn’t spoken to him a lot because he was always so quiet. He was thin, had long hair and was always wearing jeans with a black band t shirt.

One night I was hanging out with him in a bar because everyone had gone home. To be honest I was bored and horny so figured I’d go back to his with him and I really couldn’t believe what he was like!

He kissed me in his bedroom and told me to get naked – which I did, peeling off all my clothes and panties slowly. He stood in front of me fully clothed and just stared at me – like he was inspecting my naked body. Looking at every curve. I felt like I was being judged but I was instantly turned on by it. He then sat on his bed and ushered for me to come close to him, as I moved towards him he pulled me on top of him so I was bent over his knees, my bare booty exposed. And then I felt a SLAP as his hand came down on my ass. Then 4 more spanks on each cheek. It really turned me on and I was shocked how confident he was.

He made me lay on his bed and play with myself. I was stroking my pussy getting myself off and he was just stood there – staring down at me. His eyes glued to me. I’d never been watched like this before and it was getting me so hot. I couldn’t take it anymore and I came. Hard. Nick smiled. He reached under his bed and pulled out some handcuffs. He took my hands and cuffed them to his headboard. I was helpless and I loved it. Nick took his clothes off staring at me all the time and not saying a single word. As he lowered his pants his cock sprang out. Erect and ready for me. I could do nothing but look at him. He walked to the side of the bed and leant in to me, forcing his cock into my mouth. As I sucked him off he rested a hand on my pussy. I involuntarily moaned “Ahhh, Ahhh”. He put his hand up to his mouth and licked it. Tasting my juices…

He knelt up on the bed. His cock just inches from my pussy. “I own you now” they were the only words he had said. But he did. He owned me. I was willing and begging. His cock slid inside me with ease. He leant forward and kissed me, his hand underneath me grabbing at my ass hard. He stopped kissing me and moved onto my nipples. Biting one of them hard. “Ahhhh” I cried out in a equal mixture of pleasure and pain. He pulled his dick out of me and started stroking himself over my pussy. The tip of his cock hitting my clit. I came again.  Mid orgasm he pushed himself inside me again and fucked me with me long hard strokes until he pulled out and came all over me, spraying me with his cum…

After this, for a while, Nick was my master and I would do anything to please him. One time he tied my wrists to the headboard and ankles to the bottom of the bed – legs spread, he then switched a vibrator on and just leant it on my clit for what seemed like an eternity. I couldn’t move and I came 6 times as he just sat there watching me. Another time he text me and told me to get naked on his bed and up on all fours. I remained like that for almost half an hour until he got home. When he arrived he didn’t say anything. He just entered the room slapped my ass 8 times with a whip before fucking me hard from behind and cumming inside me…

My “relationship” with Nick lasted about a year and I loved the sex. It was risky and incredible. It changed me forever…

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