Craving Fresh Meat (Photos)

My bush craves the feeling of a fresh, unknown cock, sliding itself deep inside me.

My thick thighs crave being wrapped around a stranger’s body as he pushes closer to me.

My tits crave the feel of another man’s hands all over them – manhandling them.

My booty craves the slap of a stranger’s hand.

My mouth craves the taste of a unexpecting man’s cum.

I crave being bent over in the middle of a party while others watch.

My eyes crave seeing my husband fuck another woman right in front of me.

My heart craves those butterflies that you only get when you kiss someone you’ve never kissed before – and you both know you’re about to fuck…

4 thoughts on “Craving Fresh Meat (Photos)

  1. I am legitimately envious of your bush, it is the bush of my dreams and i just cant grow one like that! Gorgeous photos – happy to see you in Blog Days of Summer!


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