The Story of… Nick Part 2

If you read part 1 of my ‘Story of Nick’ you’ll know that he was a man in our friendship group when I was younger who became my “Master” for a brief period of time when I was 18. You can read part 1 here…

Nick and I hadn’t told any of our friends that anything was going on between us. I didn’t want things to be weird, and to be honest I didn’t know how to define it. I was loving every minute of him being my Master – and when we were alone my only objective was to please him… But it could be hard when our group of friends were all together…

One evening we had all been at a house party and it was that stage of the evening where most people had left to go to the club. I was stood in the kitchen of the house, drinking wine and talking to Jake – one of our friends – who was sat on a chair at the end of the kitchen table. He was unintentionally asking awkward questions like “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” Questions I couldn’t really answer. Nick was in the living room talking to a few people but occasionally he would wander into the kitchen to grab a drink and give me a sly look that melted me!

After about another half hour or so I was still in the kitchen with Jake and Nick walked in, grabbed a beer, looked at me and just said “bend over the table!” I didn’t know what to do because Jake was in there, so I just looked at Nick and paused. “Bend over the damn table!” he said more abruptly. I looked at him and smiled. “Yes Master” I told him. My heart was beating so fast from a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I walked to the end of the table and bent over. Jake, who was at the other end of the table just looked a little confused. Then I had my next instruction. “Pull up your skirt”. I did as I was told and I was already getting turned on. I lifted my skirt to reveal my bare ass. One of the agreements that I had with Nick, was that I would never wear any form of underwear when we were together. “You paused then didn’t you?” Nick said to me. “Sorry Master” I muttered. He spanked my ass on the right cheek. Then a pause and a spank on the left cheek – not too hard but just enough to leave a sting. I looked across the table to Jake, he was definitely intrigued. I just remained there, curved over the table, booty exposed. He spanked me again and I cried out in pleasure…

“Look at you enjoying your spanks” he said to me. “Yes Master, I love them, please spank me some more!” He did, striking me three times on each ass cheek. “Spread your legs” he told me, so obeying him I parted my legs. I heard Jake say “Fuck!” and as I looked at him I smiled a little. Behind me I could hear the sound of Nick taking his jeans off, every button popping undone was turning me on a little more. Eventually I felt it. That hard cock I loved so much, just pressing up against my ass. Jake didn’t know what to do with himself, but there was no way that he was leaving… Nick slapped his cock over my ass cheek; “You want this don’t you?” he said. “Yes” I replied. “Yes what?” he shouted. “Yes please Master. Please give me your dick!”

I felt him slowly enter me. His cock filling my pussy. He thrusted hard and it pushed me a little further onto the table. I couldn’t help but moan. “Ahhh ahhh fuck Master, you feel so good” I told him. “I don’t want you to take your eyes off Jake” he told me. So I looked straight ahead at Jake who was definitely enjoying the view. He smiled at me, and I smiled back. Nick was now fucking me hard and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came. “Ahhh, ahhhh fuck Master” I cried out. “Show Jake your tits!” he demanded. So I pulled my t-shirt up, letting my tits drop onto the cold table. My nipples instantly erect. As asked I didn’t take my eyes off Jake and I could see him staring at me, watching my tits. I could just about see the bulge underneath his jeans. I knew he was loving it! Nick’s cock was throbbing inside me and he was relentlessly fucking me. I came really fucking hard! “That’s it, cum for Jake” he told me. His cock still pounding me, my nipples rubbing up against the surface of the table it felt incredible. I could feel myself getting close again. “I need to cum again Master” I pleaded. Nick spanked me. “You can cum, but don’t you dare take your eyes off Jake” I did exactly that, cumming all over his cock, staring at Jake, and he still didn’t stop. Fucking me with long, hard strokes until I felt him tense up and cum inside me… He pulled out. “Stay there until I tell you to move.” Nick pulled his jeans back up and cracked open a bottle of beer. I stayed there for around 3 minutes. “You can move now”, “thank you Master” I replied…

This was actually the first time where I had, had sex with someone watching and it was fucking intense, and really, really sexy… To this day I don’t know if it had been planned between Nick and Jake but I always presumed it hadn’t be. Jake just looked too shocked…

I pulled my skirt down, pulled my top down and walked out of the kitchen. As I walked passed Jake I smiled at him before looking back at Nick, “Thank you Master” I said as I left the room with a huge smile on my face!

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