Tim… Again

I know this is wrong, and it really shouldn’t have happened but what can I say…

Tim and I have been sexting quite a bit (you can read the story of Tim here) and yesterday I was out walking and as I got near his house I sent him a text. “Hi hun, just out walking about to pass your house. What you up to? He responded within seconds “Hi gorgeous. “Pop in for a coffee.”

I got in his apartment and waited on his sofa until he bought me a coffee and sat next to me. This is the first time I had seen Tim since our mutual masturbation in my garden. We made small talk and flirted a little.

“I can’t get what happened in your garden out of my head” he told me.

“Me either. It was crazy hot” I replied casually touching his bare leg (he was wearing shorts).

“I can see you’re not wearing a bra today” he smiled.

“You know me, I fucking hate the things and I don’t care if the world can see my nipples.”

He didn’t say anything. It was a pause that seemed to last forever but he made constant eye contact.

“I wish I could lick that nipple” still not taking his eyes off me. Fuck eye contact is seriously underrated!

I continued to look at him, took hold of the bottom of my baggy t shirt and lifted it up revealing my perky tits.

I leant in towards him and he wasted no time, flicking my nipple with his tongue before sucking on it a little.

“Ahhh” I groaned.

“You like that baby?” he asked me.

“Yes. Yes. Very much so” as he continued to lick, suck and play with my now hard nipples.

I gently placed my hand back on his leg and could already feel it! I had woken the beast. I ran my hand over his shorts and over his enormous erection that was throbbing under his clothes.

“I want to play with it”

He started kissing me, one hand still all over my titties and he used his other hand to unbuckle his belt and pull out his monster cock.

“Fuck I’ve missed this” I told him as I gently took hold of it and started running my hand all the way up and down it. It was as massive as I remembered. His hands were now all over my thighs, feeling me up over my cycling shorts.

“You want me to take them off?” I asked.

“Yes please” he said instantly.

I stood up and peeled myself out of my super tight cycling shorts. My pussy exposed right in front of him. His cock throbbed on his lap and I smiled as I sat back down next to him.

We started kissing again and I took hold of his cock in a firmer grip giving him a nice handjob. His cock is so large it seemed to take an age to get from the base to the tip but as he sat back and moaned I knew he was enjoying himself.

His hand made it to my pussy and his fingers started running through my bush. “ahhh” I quietly moaned. I reached down, put my hand on his, and pushed his fingers inside me.

“Fuck, you’re soaked”

“Yes I am Tim, and you’re rock hard, what could we possibly do about that?” I asked him with a smile.

We kissed again and I slowly climbed on top of him without breaking our tongues apart. I reached down, took his monster in my hand and put the tip just inside me.

“Ahh fuck” I cried out.

I was sitting on him with care. Edging myself onto him. Putting a bit inside me, then a little more until he was deep. Sometimes he feels so big I start t think I won’t be able to take him all, but when I do… When he’s completely in me… Oh my fuck!

“Fuck you feel amazing” he said before kissing me again.

“Ahhh you too baby” I told him as I started to ride him, my pussy grabbing onto his massive cock as it went up and down his shaft.

“Fuck me, I love your cock Tim”

“It loves you too”

I arched my back so I could ride him a little harder and his mouth found my nipples again.

“Ahhh, ahhhh fuck, fuck Tim. I’m going to cum” I could feel myself about to explode as he grabbed my hips and thrusted his cock inside me as deep as he could. I came, really fucking hard.

I giggled a little “fuck that was amazing” I told him, still slowly riding his cock,

“Can I lie on top of you”

“Sure” I replied, climbing off him and lying down on his sofa.

He lay on top of me, started kissing me, took hold of his cock and squeezed himself into my pussy. The first thrust was almost painful but it felt fucking incredible. I wrapped my legs around him as he started to fuck me hard and so, so deep.

Still kissing him, I paused briefly.

“When you’re ready I want you to cum all over me”.

We resumed the kissing and he grabbed my thighs and started to fuck me hard. Every stroke bringing me closer and closer to cumming again. I was grabbing at his wonderful ass… We were both moaning loudly.

“Fuck me hard” I pleaded.

He smiled, put his hand underneath me to grab my ass and started to fuck me relentlessly. His balls slapping against me, my pussy was now so wet his size wasn’t a problem at all.

I came really hard “Fuck yes, es Tim!” I cried out as I came. Seconds later there was one final, deep thrust before he pulled out, stroked his monster and came all fucking over me. I was literally covered in cum and I couldn’t have been happier. He leant forward and kissed me.

“Fuck, you’re amazing” he told me.

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