The Wonders of Anal

My husband and I had anal sex Friday night and kind it got me thinking about it… But let’s start at the start…

We had been fondling each other and drinking wine in our living room – by this point we were both stark naked and generally just enjoying ourselves. Wes got down on his knees, on the floor in front of me and parted my legs – opening up my pussy for him.

He kissed my inner thighs, slowly making his way to my vagina. He ran his tongue up the length of my opening, stopping at my clit to give it a couple of flicks with his tongue. All I could do was lean back a little, grab my tits and moan in pleasure. He then lifted my legs up – still spread – and buried his face in my pussy. Licking away I came really quickly but that didn’t stop him. As his tongue played with my clit he started to finger me – obviously it wasn’t long until I came again…

His fingers still working away inside my pussy he lowered his tongue and started to lick my asshole. It felt fucking incredible. When it was nice and wet he moved his finger from my pussy and really slowly started to finger my ass. I moved my hand down to play with my clit myself…

After a couple of minutes of this wonderful ass play he knelt up – his erection solidly pointing towards me.

“Finger yourself” he told me. As I ran two fingers in and out of my pussy he grabbed his cock and placed it on the edge of my asshole. Occasionally he would just push, ever so slightly until his tip was inside me. The sensation was incredible. He’d really slowly and gently push his cock in a little further, then ease it back out before going a little further again. My pussy was soaked and my juices were running down onto his cock and my ass serving as a lubricant. Before too long his member was completely inside my ass, my legs still spread and up in the air. The strokes were starting to get a little firmer and a little faster until he was able to fuck me freely…

This is the biggest turn on. Being fucked in the ass hard until we both came together – his cum filling my tight hole!

It was really fucking wonderful and it made me think that we really should have anal more often. It’s not that we don’t have anal play – we do loads as part of foreplay. In fact, I have on several occasions been out with Wes whilst having a butt plug inside me all night – the turn on is incredible. Wes will often lick or finger my ass as well – it’s something I’ve always really liked. But I have made the decision that anal sex has to happen for us more often!

There is literally only a handful of people I will have anal with. Trust is paramount and it’s not something I would ever do with a one night stand, or at a swingers party etc. You need to know that person fucking your ass is going to take care of you… I absolutely fucking hate most anal in porn films – it’s borderline ridiculous and so, so unrealistic. It takes time and patience – but if you get it right – fuck it’s worth it!

As I’m writing this I’m realising I would really fucking love to have anal with Tim. I know he’s never done it before. I trust him completely, but to be honest I think he would just be too big! I can’t even imagine how that cock would possibly fit in my tight little ass!

Maybe it’s something we could fool around with, I’m really not sure – but it sounds hot as fuck and gets me really worked up thinking about it…

What’s your opinion of anal? Do you love it? Is it a simple ‘no’?

I’d love to know what you think – let me know in the comments – you can post anonymously…

Love & Fucks,

Alice xxx

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