The Story of… Jonathon…

When I was 19 I had stopped seeing Nick – you can read the story of Nick here – (apart from one last brief encounter that I’ll probably write about one day) I had loved him being my master but I decided I wanted to try something else. I guess I wanted to be a little more dominant to see what it was like…

I met Jonathon in a bar when he was just 18 so a year younger than me, and pretty inexperienced but he soon became my plaything… He wasn’t actually that great in bed, he always came really quickly but at this point in time I had two or three other fuck buddies so I wasn’t concerned.

What was great about Johnathon was he was always hard! Literally! I never once saw his penis flaccid it was just continuously stiff. The other thing was, he would always do exactly what I told him without complaint. I had been using him as a plaything for a couple of weeks but we had never actually been out on a weekend despite his efforts. After him asking non stop I arranged to go out with him on a Saturday night.

The evening started off pretty normal; a few drinks in some bars etc. Occasionally I’d kiss him or hold his hand and could tell he was instantly erect… That night I wanted to dance so we went to a club around the corner from his house. I was slutting my stuff on the dance floor and he was dancing somewhat awkwardly – I wanted to see how far he would go for me so I looked at him and said:

“Show me your dick”

Without hesitation he stood there in the middle of a packed dance floor, undid his belt and pulled his cock out – which was obviously erect. I smiled at him. “Good boy” I whispered in his ear as I firmly grabbed and squeezed at his dick. I felt it throb in my hand and the fact that he had just done it right there, turned me on. I loved this new found power.

“Put it away and take me to your house” I told him before squeezing his dick one last time…

We got back to his and headed straight for his room. I put some music on and started slowly stripping out of my dress and said to him “don’t do anything!” Before long I was totally naked in front of him. I lay on his bed and felt up my tits a little while I stared at him. I spread my legs and ran a hand down my body until it found my soaking wet pussy. As I started to rub my clit I said to him quietly:

“Get naked for me right now”

He stood there, at the end of the bed, and took all of his clothes off until he was completely naked – his erect cock pointing towards me on the bed. As he stood there and watched I continued to play with myself.

“Don’t you dare fucking touch it!”

“I won’t. I promise” he replied.

As I continued to play with my clit and finger my pussy I could see his cock throbbing away – desperate to be touched. As I looked at him being so obedient while I was lay there, legs spread like a whore, I came hard…

When I caught my breath, I sat up and told him to lay on the bed on his back. As he lay down, I reminded him: “You’re still not allowed to touch it!”

I knelt up and sat on his face, spreading my legs either side of him. I was facing his cock to make sure he wasn’t cheating…

“Lick me right fucking now – make me cum”

He did exactly what he was told and as he planted his face up into my cunt the sensation felt incredible. I started playing with my tits while staring at his cock – which was still desperate to be touched. I could feel myself edging closer and closer to my second orgasm as his tongue flicked my clit.

“Ahh fuck. Yes! You can touch yourself now. Play with it for me”

He reached around me, took hold of his cock and started stroking it quickly and firmly, I started moving slightly – grinding his face – running my pussy up and down on him. I grabbed at my tits hard and pinched my nipples. I could hear him moaning and I knew he was close, but I couldn’t hold back. I came hard and just as I finished I heard him groan before he shot all of his load all over his torso as well as my stomach and tits…

I collapsed forward, my head laying by his cock – which was still, even now – erect… I spent the next few minutes licking his cum from the tip of his cock before he came again in my mouth…

I will always have a special place for Johnathon – the man with the always stiff dick… Wes has suggested I should try and meet him to see if I still hold this power over him – maybe I’ll see if I can message him…

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