The Story of… Nick. Part 3: The Finale.

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It had been years since I last saw Nick as our relationship (fuckship) petered out and he moved away from Manchester.

One Friday night I was in a nightclub with some girlfriends and I saw him, stood at the bar drinking. I had to double take. I couldn’t believe it! By this time years had passed since I had seen him and at this point I had just started dating Wes and I was happier than I had ever been.

Fuelled by the drink I wandered over to the bar. “Hi stranger” I said as I patted him on the arm. “Alice! Fuck, how are you? He asked. We made small talk and caught up a little bit while he bought me a couple of drinks. I was preparing myself to move away and go find my girlfriends as I felt like we had caught up and were done with the small talk. As I sipped at my last bit of vodka, he looked me in the eye and said:

“Show me your tits Alice” I didn’t move. Truth be told I really don’t know how to react. He leant in to me and whispered in my ear:

“Show me your fucking tits right now”

Something clicked inside me. He was instantly my master again and I knew I had to do it – I wanted to do it. I was desperate to please him. I looked him in the eye, smiled and slowly pulled my top up over my tits. The club was packed and I could feel dozens of eyes on me as I stood there baring my breasts. He cupped a boob and pulled my top back down. “Good girl” he told me. From that moment I was fascinated by him again. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He bought me another drink and after I took a sip I told him I had to go pee.

“Bring me back your panties” he said to me smirking. I went to the toilet had a pee, took my little thong off and wandered back over to him. I was wearing the shortest mini skirt that barely covered my booty. I got to him and slowly slid my thong into the pocket of his trousers, making sure I had a quick feel of his cock at the same time.

“Let’s get out of here” he said, and with that we left the club and headed back to the hotel room he was staying in…

As soon as we got through the door we started kissing, hands all over each other – grabbing, fondling and exploring. As we kissed he gently bit my bottom lip…

He moved away and went and sat down in the armchair. “Take your top off” he demanded. I looked at him, started swaying my hips in time with the music and really slowly pulled my top off – showing him my tits, just as I had done so many times before. I cupped them in my hands, “what now Maser?” I asked. “Put them in my mouth” he replied. I slowly walked over to him, got as close as I could and bent forwards, dropping my tits near his mouth. I gasped as he gently bit and licked my nipple, before moving onto the next one to do the same. As he sucked on my nipple I could see him undoing his trousers. His erect, veiny dick popped straight out. Fuck I had missed that dick, and just that glimpse of it made me gush!

“Suck my cock right now Alice!”

I got down on my knees, took his lovely cock in my hand and really slowly took the tip of it in my mouth. I could taste his pre cum as his cock throbbed inside my mouth. I cupped his balls tightly and took all of him in my mouth.

“Go over to the table”

I knew what he wanted as soon as he asked. This was his very favourite. “Yes Master” I replied as I slowly walked over to the table. I leant on it raising my ass into the air. I heard footsteps behind me as he moved close to me and then I felt his familiar hands pulling my tiny, tight skirt up to my waist. He spanked me and I cried out. “Yes Master!” He spanked me again. He grabbed me by the hips and moved close up against me – his hard cock pressing up against my ass.

“Beg me” I said nothing.

“Beg me slut!” I was so fucking turned on!

“Please Master. Please Master fuck me. Give me your beautiful dick. I need it please Master”

He pushed his throbbing cock inside me “Ahhhh fuck yes Master. Give it to me!” He started to fuck me and I was wildly turned on. I came and mid orgasm he pulled out of me which made me squirt hard, all over the hotel room carpet. He spanked me again – a little harder this time. “Good slut” he told me.

As I caught my breath Nick grabbed my ass cheeks hard and pulled them apart. He spat on my ass and it ran down onto my hole. As he pushed a finger inside my tight asshole I moaned in pleasure. “You still like it in the ass don’t you Alice?”, “Yes Master, yes I do” his finger was now deep inside my asshole and he was grinding against me from behind so his dick was rubbing up against my soaked pussy. He pulled his finger out, took hold of his cock and pushed the tip inside my butt. “Ahhhhh” I cried out. “Give it to me Master. Fuck my tight ass please” I pleaded with him. He took hold of my hips again and pushed his cock completely inside me. He was throbbing and it was turning me on so much. He started to fuck me hard – my nipples rubbing up against the wood of the table. I knew I was about to cum again, and knew he was too. The harder he fucked me, the harder and tighter he held on to my hips. As I came I felt my asshole tighten and his cock pumped my ass full of cum…

That was the last time I ever saw Nick. Maybe one day I’ll bump in to him again and he will instantly become my ‘Master’ again…

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