Two days with Tim

It was so fucking nice having two whole days (and nights) with Tim. I wrote about the anal sex we had on the Tuesday night here– but the night after was just as perfect as well.

We spent the day just hanging out at my place Wednesday. Mostly having some drinks, watching some Netflix and of course some of the good stuff. Actually, a lot of the good stuff… At one point he left the bedroom naked and walked to the bathroom and it made me appreciate how big his dick was even when it’s at rest. It was really hot watching him walk, his massive cock swinging in front of him… As we lay on the bed watching a movie, a sex scene came on and he was noticeably aroused – it’s fucking impossible to miss – so I just casually crawled down the bed, played with him a little and sucked him off until he came in my mouth. Of course, I swallowed – in case you were wondering…

During the evening we just sat on my sofa and had some wine and shots. By the end of the night we had a little romantic, naked dance with each other (again) – of course our hands were all over each other. When we sat back down I just thought ‘fuck it’ and just sat on him. Sliding his massive, erect dick inside me. I was fucking soaked and I came really easy – so did he – shooting his load inside me… He’s loads more adventurous now too. After he came I made him lick me out and he didn’t hesitate to go down on my pussy that was still full of his cum…

It was a great night and I can’t wait to do it again…

Wes got back Friday and the first thing he asked me was what happened with Tim. I started telling him – in great detail – and I ended up sitting on his cock – riding him hard as I told him how well Tim had fucked me…

It’s been on my mind ever since – the idea of my husband and Tim at work together just talking about how much of a good fuck I am. I find that so fucking hot – I really do hope they talk about it… That’s some serious masturbation shit for me right there!

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