Both me and hubby had a day off today so we decided to have a sexy night at home with some cocktails last night.

For anyone that doesn’t know, the very first night I met Wes, I ended up sitting on his face. You can read about it here.

I wore a really short, purple dress and a white laced bra – no panties of course – and hubby wore my very favourite pair of his boxers. We hadn’t been drinking long but the bulge was too much of a temptation for me. Before I knew it, I was taking him in my mouth – loving every fucking inch of him. As I sucked on his big, hard cock I started to play with myself. I was soaked. Giving head turns me on so much…

We paused for a little to have another drink, but honestly I couldn’t keep my eyes off his damn cock. It was erect, and pointing at me. Inviting me. I wanted it so bad.

“Lie down on the floor so I can ride you hun” I told him.

He took his boxers completely off and lay naked on our living room floor. I walked over to him in my high heels, pulled my skirt up a little and sat on him. My pussy took his cock with ease and we both groaned at the same time. As I started rocking back and forth on him he reached around me and unclipped my bra. He pulled me forward to kiss me as I swayed on his member. His hands all over me. Starting on my tits, and then reaching around to my ass. I came quickly but I didn’t stop riding him.

After a few minutes I knew he was about to cum. I can always tell – his big, veiny cock starts to throb inside me. I stood up letting his erect cock flop onto his stomach and walked up his body. He was staring up my skirt.

“Can you see how wet I am baby?” I asked him.

“Yes. I want it.” He replied.

“You want to taste me?”

He didn’t even need to answer. I know how much he likes licking me out. I knelt over him pushing my soaking pussy onto his face. His tongue went to work straight away, flicking my clit and lapping up my juices. “Ahhhhhhh” I cried out. It felt incredible. I started to rub my pussy all over his face which was now glistening from my juices. I could hear him moaning and one quick look behind me, and I could see him stroking his throbbing dick hard and fast. As I started to ride his face I could hear and feel his moaning intensify. I knew he was close, but so was I.

“Ahhh, ahhhh, fuck yes!” I cried out as I came, gushing all over him. As I started to slow down I heard him moan and felt his body tense – the next thing I felt was his hot cum hitting my back and dribbling down me…

We kissed each other then sat back on the sofa for more drinks. Of course, sat there naked we ended up fucking again. But that facesitting was fucking wonderful!

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