Lucky Girl… MMF

Wes had a meeting at our house the other evening with one of his new recruits Dom.

Dom arrived at around 6.00pm and I answered the door and showed him into the living room where were Wes was waiting for him with some paperwork.

Dom looked nice, he was well dressed in a shirt and suit trousers, with a good haircut and a slim figure. He was definitely younger than us – I’d say he was in his early twenties.

“Can I get you guys a glass of wine?” I asked.

“Yes please” Wes replied. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed 3 glasses and poured the wine. I left my glass in the kitchen and took them theirs along with the rest of the bottle.

“There you go boys. Let me know if you need anything else. I’ll leave you to it”

With that I left the room, went and got my wine and hung out in my office for a little bit. After an hour or so I decided I wanted another drink. I thought to myself that I’d see if the boys wanted more too so I walked back into the living room.

“Are you boys ready for more wine?”

“Yes please” they both instantly answered. “I’ll grab you another bottle.” With that I went back into the kitchen to grab another bottle from the cooler…

As I was reaching up for the bottle I felt Wes come up behind me. He put his hand on my hips, pressed against me and kissed my neck – an act that instantly turns me to goo. “He really likes you” he whispered to me. “I like him too, he’s kinda hot” I replied. “You fancy him don’t you” Wes teased. “I do baby. He’s skinny so I bet he’s got a big cock too” I replied playfully.

Wes moved his hand around to the front of me, and slipped it in-between two buttons of the oversized dress shirt I was wearing. His warm hand instantly found my pussy. “I bet you fucking do. You want to fuck him?” He asked. “Maybe… Does he know what we’re like?” I asked.

His fingers rubbed my pussy a little harder “Ahh” I moaned out trying to be quiet. “What do you mean does he know what we’re like?” Wes asked, still intermittently kissing my neck. “I mean, does he know we fuck others?” Wes laughed. “Yeah he knows” he replied before walking back into the living room…

I grabbed two more bottles of wine and took them into the living room. I placed them both on the coffee table. “Here you go boys” I said with a little smile. Wes looked at me “Baby, we’re about finished here, why don’t you have a drink with us?” He asked.

I poured all 3 of us a glass and sat down in the arm chair. We chatted a lot, mostly about Dom’s background; where he was from etc and I definitely spotted him checking me out a couple of times – I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it…

After some more wine – actually quite a lot more wine – I got up and started to dance slowly to the music. As I swayed from side to side I lifted my arms in the air which made my shirt dress ride up my body. I could literally feel their eyes on me. Watching me. Wes got up immediately, put his arms around my waist and kissed me. I could feel his boner pressing up against me. I looked at Dom who was still sat down on the sofa:

“You want to kiss me too?” I asked.

He walked over to me, I turned away from Wes and into him and we kissed. Wes’s hands were still around my waist and I could now feel his boner pressing against my ass. As I kissed Dom I ran a hand down onto his body and felt his hard cock. I cupped it a little before turning back round to Wes and kissing him. Dom’s hands were now under the bottom of my dress, riding up my naked body until they reached my bare booty. He grabbed at my ass and it made me moan. I turned back around to him and kissed him again. Wes reached his hands around me and unbuttoned all of my buttons, opening my dress up and revealing my entire body to Dom. “Fuck” he said as he looked at me.

“You like what you see?” I asked him, running my hands gently over my nipples. “I fucking love what I see” he told me.

I kissed him again before taking my dress completely off and getting down on my knees. I looked up at my husband first. “Give it to me” I said softly. He took his trousers and boxers down and out popped his beautiful, hard cock. I took it in my hand and felt it throb immediately. I kissed the tip before taking him in my mouth, deep throating him and cupping his balls in my hand. While I was sucking off my husband my hand was constantly stroking Dom’s groin over his trousers. I could feel he was so hard. His hand was resting on my shoulder, and occasionally he would stroke my neck…

I was so excited, so turned on and I couldn’t take anymore. I took my husbands throbbing cock out of my mouth and looked up to Dom.

“Show me what you’ve got” I whispered to him. Just like Wes had done before he pulled his trousers and boxers down. His cock sprang out with force, pointing towards me. His dick looked lovely – so hard and nice and thick and veiny. I instantly took all of him in my mouth. He lent back and moaned loudly “Ahhh fuck!” I grabbed at his balls. After sucking him off for a while I went back to Wes and took him in my mouth for a few seconds before going back to Dom. Swapping cocks in my mouth was driving me wild – I wanted to be touched so badly now…

I stood up and pulled them both close – their hard dicks were both pressing in to opposite sides of my body. I kissed Wes then kissed Dom. Wes stroked my body until his hand found my tits and he played with my hard nipples, Dom, ran his hand down my stomach and onto my pussy. He slipped a finger inside me and I gasped as my knees buckled a little bit. I pulled both their heads into my tits so they could lick a nipple each and I came unexpectedly – it just creept up on me!

“Let’s take this to the bedroom” I told them, and with that we all left the living room, completely naked and moved upstairs to the bedroom.

Once in there I started kissing them both again. Taking it turns with them as their hands were all over me. Wes moved to the bed and lay on his back. I bent over and sucked his cock again as Dom stood behind me fingering my tight wet pussy. I came again… It was just all so fucking good.

“Fuck me please Dom” I begged. I needed cock at this point. Seconds later I felt his throbbing, twitchy cock stretch my pussy as he held onto my thighs and fucked me from behind. Wes couldn’t take his eyes off is as his dick filled my mouth.

I then climbed up on the bed and sat on my husband’s face. He immediately held onto my ass and started licking my pussy and flicking my clit with his tongue. I told Dom to climb up onto the bed. He stood on top of the bed right beside me so I could take his veiny cock in my mouth. I could taste my juices and it was driving me wild… I fucked his cock with my mouth as my husband made me cum again with his tongue. Dom looked at me “Can I take a photo please? He said gesturing towards his phone that he had bought in with him. I briefly stopped sucking his cock “Only if you promise you’ll masturbate over it later” I told him before resuming my cock sucking. He took a few pics and then put the phone down to enjoy what was happening. I looked up at him. “I want to fuck you. Lie down for me” He didn’t need asking twice.

He lay on the bed so I climbed off my husband and straight onto his cock – deep inside me. I leant forward so he could play with my nipples as I my pussy ran up and down his member. Wes then stood up on the bed – I knew what he wanted. I wanted it too. I took his cock in my mouth once again and felt it throbbing as I licked away at him.

“I want to be spit roasted”

I told them both so I climbed off Dom, lay on my back, took Dom in my mouth and waited for my husband to get in position to fuck me. I felt his big hard dick enter me and it made me deep throat Dom, every thrust of his cock in my pussy was making my mouth work harder and faster on Dom. I paused to cum “Ahhhhh fuck yes! Fuck yes” I screamed as I came. Wes kept pounding my pussy but I knew Dom was close to cumming – a girl can always tell – so I slowed down on his dick a little and enjoyed being fucked to orgasm by my husband.

After I had recovered and caught my breath I told Dom to go and sit on the arm chair in the corner of the room. Once he was sat down I walked over and knelt over him – reaching down to grab his cock and slide it deep inside me.

“Fuck you feel amazing” I whispered to him as I leant in and kissed him.

He was grabbing at my tits when I felt my husband’s hands on my ass. I knew what was coming. As soon as I sent Dom to the chair, I knew my husband would know what I wanted… As I rode up and down on Dom’s dick I felt my husband slide a finger deep in my ass “Ahhh yes baby” I cried out as he fingered my tight hole.

“I want you in my ass baby”

I told him. I sat on Dom’s dick while I waited for Wes to squeeze the tip of his cock inside my asshole. Once it was in I knew I could relax a little and start riding Dom’s cock again – up and down, up and down, all the while my husband’s dick being pushed a little deeper inside me, until he was all in – fucking my tight ass deep while I rode Dom’s dick. The excitement was too much. It felt fucking incredible and I came again. Wes’s breathing was getting heavy so I knew he was about to cum. “Not yet baby” I pleaded.

He pulled out of me, so I climbed off Dom and knelt on the floor.

“You know what I want” I said to them both.

They both moved close to me. I looked up at both their hard cocks: “I’m such a lucky girl” I said before taking Wes in my mouth while stroking Dom’s cock hard and fast.

Wes lent back “Fuck, fuck I need to cum” he said to me. I took his member out of my mouth and stroked him until he came all over my tits! There was cum everywhere but I had no time to lose. I quickly turned my attention to Dom and took his cock deep in my mouth “ahhh ahhhh ahhh” he moaned. I deep throated him, felt his cock throb, pulled him out of my mouth and stroked him until he too shot his lovely load all over my titties…

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