The Boys Are Back…

Tuesday was the first time since lockdown everyone has been back in our offices. I’m glad all the boys are back, I’ve missed them…

I’ve missed them flirting with me – every last one of them flirts with me.

I’ve missed them trying to secretly check me out and looking embarrassed when I catch them.

I have definitely missed the boners they have to try and hide when I wear a see through top.

I’ve missed them all fucking me with their eyes…

On this note we have a new employee. His name is Elijah and he’s working in the office right opposite mine – and he is fucking heavenly! Slim, great hair and a short beard and looks wonderful in his suit… I was glad of our glass fronted offices today so I could casually perv on him and guess the size of his cock (all us girls do this btw boys)…

Hopefully I might get to work with him soon but I’ll definitely be introducing myself tomorrow..

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