Tim, Elijah and Anal Sex.

I was sat at my desk at work yesterday horny as fuck for two reasons. The day before I had sent this message to Tim so we had agreed to meet.

Who could resist my charm?

I had been daydreaming constantly about his massive cock fucking my ass again so I could barely wait. I was wearing a pretty regular dress to work but underneath I had a sexy, laced up bodysuit on. Wearing sexy lingerie always makes me feel sexy – the men staring at me without having any idea just how fucking good and slutty I look under my dress!

My general horniness was made worse as I was staring across the hall into my new colleagues Elijah’s office most of the day. Fuck, I swear he’s so damn hot! I introduced myself briefly and I swear he fucks me with his eyes. I couldn’t take my mind off him and I could feel the wetness between my legs. I had considered sneaking off to the bathroom with my vibrator that’s disguised as a lipstick, which I keep in my drawer, but I decided to save it for Tim…

I left the office and made my way to his house. I honestly thought I was going to explode. The closer I got to his house, the hornier I became. I finally arrived. He greeted me with a sexy snog and I walked myself in and sat on his sofa.

“Wine?” He asked. “Always” I replied.

As he walked off into the kitchen to fetch the wine and glasses I stripped my dress off. When he returned I was sat on his sofa wearing nothing but my high heels and laced up bodysuit.

“Holy fuck!” He shouted out when he saw me. “Glad you like” I smiled.

He poured two glasses of wine, sat next to me and immediately started kissing me, his hands all over me. My once shy Tim was a thing of the past. This man was confident, and I loved it!

As his hand went down near my crotch I parted my legs. He knew what I wanted. He ran his hand over my crotch “Ahhh” I cried out unintentionally. I was soaked and I knew he could feel it through my bodysuit. “I’m so sorry I’m so wet” I said cheekily before biting my bottom lip. He immediately pulled my panties to the side and felt my wetness – sliding his hand all over my pussy. I leant back and enjoyed it. I reached over, undid his belt, put my hand inside his trousers and pulled out his massive cock. We kissed as I started to stroke him.

“Fuck, I’ve missed this monster cock” I told him, briefly pausing from our kiss. “I’ve missed all of you” he replied before sliding two fingers deep inside me. “Ahhhh fuck” I cried out. My hand was stroking his enormous cock from the base to the very tip. It was throbbing in my hand. My pussy was so soaked I gently pushed his hand down a little further. Immediately he knew what to do. There was no more shock. His fingers were lubed up from my juices and he squeezed one of them into my tight ass, with his other fingers still playing with my pussy.

“I want your massive cock in my tight ass again baby”

I stood up, turned my back to him and sat on his lap. I reached behind myself to pick up his member and placed it on my ass. I started to really slowly lower myself onto him. I could feel his head stretching my ass. “This looks fucking amazing” he said. “I want to see. Take a photograph for me” I replied. He grabbed his phone and whilst I momentarily paused he took this photograph.

My favourite monster cock!

He put his phone down and held onto my thighs again and little by little I took every inch of his beautiful, massive, throbbing cock and it felt fucking amazing.

Once he was completely inside me I started to ride him, getting a little harder and faster each time I pressed myself down onto him. I could feel his cock stretching me and it was driving me wild. I reached a hand down onto my pussy and started to stroke my clit as I rode him. He reached his hands around me and grabbed both of my tits, squeezing them as I went up and down on his member. “Fuck you feel so good” I told him. I was so close to cumming. Releasing the orgasm that had built all day, and he was panting hard, I knew my tight ass would make him come quickly.

I started rubbing my pussy harder and I felt it building. “Ahhh yes. Fuck yes, ahhhhhhhgh” I cried out as I reached orgasm. To my surprise I squirted immediately. Covering his living room floor! As I came he grabbed me, lifted me up and down onto his cock two more times before emptying his load into my ass hole. It felt fucking incredible and for a moment I wondered if he was ever going to stop cumming…

I climbed off him. “I’m so sorry I’ve made a mess of your carpet. I squirted everywhere” I told him.

“I don’t care at all” he replied. “You are the best fuck! The sexiest woman I could ever wish for.” We kissed before both falling back onto the sofa…

We finished our wine and we were soon kissing and fondling again. It soon became pretty clear that our night wasn’t over… At one point I was riding his dick and I couldn’t help but think to myself “If only Elijah could see me now. He could see what a naughty little slut I really am…”

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