Super Sunday.

I had the sexiest few days over the weekend. It started Friday when I was in the office. I deliberately wore this ^ top to try and catch the eye of my new colleague Elijah. It definitely worked! I popped into his office to see him and he couldn’t take his fucking eyes off me! Honestly I love the way he looks at me – fucking me with his eyes. It’s gets me so wet… I did notice a wedding ring on his finger, do maybe it’s a no go???

Then Saturday night I went out to a few bars with hubby. I ended up keeping my promise and taking him into a toilet cubicle and sucking him off until he shot his load into my mouth. It was seriously fucking hot. As we finished our drinks in the bar, I could still taste his cum…

I woke up Sunday morning, seriously hungover – and hangover sex can be amazing. I bought Wes coffee in bed and woke him up by gently stroking his beautiful cock. He was soon rock hard and it didn’t take him long to cum all over my tits.

That of course meant that we needed to shower. Together obviously… He was driving me wild grabbing my wet booty, sucking on my tits and running his fingers over my clit in the steamy shower. I came hard, standing there, facing him.

When we got back to the bedroom he went down on me until I came twice. He reached down, grabbed a small butt plug and really, really slowly squeezed it into my tight ass. I came again… I took this photo of the butt plug and I love it.

By this point he was rock hard again, so he fucked me hard and fast missionary, before rolling me onto my belly to fuck me from behind. I honestly lost count of how many times I came before he finally pulled his throbbing dick out of me and came all over my ass…

What a day… What a super Sunday 😍

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