I Sucked Dick in my Office – and I Liked It…

All day in my office today I’ve been so fucking horny. Not much special about that, but honestly I felt like I was going to burst at points today.

Sat at my desk trying to work and from the corner of my eye I would constantly see Elijah, sat at his desk in his office opposite mine, staring at me. Undressing me with his eyes. Every time I looked up he would look at his desk and try and hide the fact that he couldn’t keep his eyes off me. It was turning me on so fucking much!

I’ve chatted to him a fair bit since he started – he told me that he’s married – as bad as it sounds I think that makes me want him even more – like the forbidden fruit! But he literally can’t stop checking me out, which I fucking adore. Today it was getting me really hot… Knowing that he always eats his lunch in his office, and given how horny I was I text my old flame Owen…

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned Owen on here. He’s an old fuck buddy that I see very occasionally, but in honesty, and has harsh as it sounds he doesn’t really do much for me. My text was simple and to the point.

“I want to suck your dick. Come to my office at 1.00?”

He replied straight away.

1.00 rolled round and just like clockwork Elijah started eating has lunch at his desk – still staring over at me, when he didn’t think I was looking. Right on time Owen knocked on my office door. I kissed him on the cheek. “Hi Hun, good to see you. Why don’t you take a seat in my chair” I told him.

I walked over to my office window, and really slowly locked my office door and closed down the blinds. Elijah watched as I shut them and I gave him a cheeky smile. I really fucking hoped he knew what was about to happen. When the blinds were closed I walked over to Owen who had made himself comfortable in my chair…

I slowly undid the buttons on my blouse, freeing my naked tits. This instantly made my nipples hard. I got down on my knees, and pulled Owen’s trousers and boxers down. His hard dick immediately sprang to life.

“Well it’s very nice to see this lovely cock again”

I told him as I ran my hard nipples over his erection. I picked it up with my right hand and put my mouth over the tip, licking up the pre-cum that already built up. He moaned and lent back as I took all of him in 7 my mouth. My hand was slowly sliding up and down his cock as my tongue went to work on him. “Fuck that feels amazing!” He told me. But I already knew that.

I started to work his cock with my hand and mouth a little harder and a little faster. His erect dick was throbbing in my mouth. I recognized from his moaning that he was getting close so I grabbed his balls and deep throated him, keeping my mouth at the base, while he came. I swallowed every last drop. I knew Owen wouldn’t last long – he never does with a blowjob!

I had already decided that I didn’t want to be fucked by him. Well I always want to be fucked but I just had the urge to stay horny all day. It was the power I wanted. The power of being able to make him cum when I wanted. The power of Elijah wondering what I was doing and why I had closed the blinds and locked the door. I fucking loved it. He must have known! Surely?

Once Owen had sorted himself out I walked back over to my office window and lifted the blinds. Elijah was looking at me. I smiled and did up the top two buttons of my blouse, that I had deliberately left undone. I then sensually wiped my mouth and licked my lips. Elijah looked shocked. Oh, he knew what had happened! I had made sure of it…

A few minutes later I kissed Owen on the cheek, unlocked my door and said goodbye to him. He mumbled something to me, but in all honesty I can’t remember what he said. I had just used him, but I knew he was more than ok with that…

After he lad left I sat back down at my desk to do my work. Once again I noticed Elijah staring at me in the corner of my eye. I quickly looked up and smiled at him… I thought to myself; even though he had seen nothing, in some ways this had been the ultimate tease!

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