Breakfast of Champions

Do you know what, sometimes the hottest thing in the world is when a guy goes down on a woman, expecting nothing in return.

This morning Wes and I were both running late for work. We were scrambling around the bedroom to getting dressed. I was still naked but he was fully clothed, when I noticed him looking at me. He walked over to me, kissed me and threw me onto the bed.

Laughing I said “I don’t have time for this baby.” He took no notice and before I knew it his face was buried between my legs. It felt amazing and all I could do was lean back, grab my tits and have a wonderful time.

As his tongue started licking my clit, I wrapped my legs around him, reached down with my hand and pressed his face further into my pussy. By the time he entered a finger inside me I was too far gone. I didn’t even last twenty seconds before I came hard.

After I had reached orgasm, he jumped up, grabbed his briefcase, kissed me on the cheek and left the house…

I got ready and went to work – I have a soaking wet pussy now which will remind me of him all fucking day.

And just wait until the man gets home…

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