The Story Of… Elijah Part One: Ice Broken?

So for those of you who read all my posts you’ll know about this, if not here’s a quick recap…

A seriously hot guy, Elijah, moved into the office opposite mine a couple of weeks ago. I’ve spoken to him a few times so I do know he’s married, but he can’t take his eyes off me and it’s fucking melting me! Like it’s seriously sexy…

Anyway Friday afternoon my boss knocked on my office door and told me I had to prepare a presentation with Elijah. Bizarrely I went bright red when she told me this! But I was over the moon!

I had a quick word with Elijah about it and ended the conversation saying “Want to have a drink tonight and work on it?” He agreed so we named our place and said we would meet there at 7 – we also swapped phone numbers which could end up being loads of fun! Now I do have to say, there’s nothing odd at all about us meeting for a drink to discuss this – where I work the people are all quite young and discussing and working on things over a drink is part of the culture…

The evening came and I had already decided I wanted to be a few minutes late. I text him to let him know I’d be there in a few minutes. He immediately text back asking if I would like a drink. “White wine please xxx” was my response…

I got into the bar and spotted Elijah straight away. “Hi how are you, sorry I’m late.” I told him. “No problem at all Alice” I took my jacket off to reveal one of my favourite white dresses. Plenty of clevage and nips on view and it’s short so the boys love it. I sat down and he couldn’t stop looking at me and my girls… This is the closest I had ever been to him, and oh my god, he smelt fucking wonderful!

We sipped at our wines and started to talk about our project. We were definitely flirting a little. Loads of eye contact and sometimes a hand on a leg for a few seconds etc. After about a couple of hours we were both a little tipsy and the conversation definitely started to get steamier…

I’m sure the booze will be blamed, and that’s definitely partly true but I was really shocked (and really turned on) when he looked at me and said: “You look really fucking sexy Alice”

The conversation went a little something like this.

“Thanks Elijah, you’re pretty sexy yourself” I said with a sexy little smile.

“Can I ask you something personal” he asked.

“Of course. I love personal”

“Have you ever fucked any of the men from work? You don’t have to say if you don’t want to.”

I laughed. By now we were sat so close to each other our legs were touching and we were making constant, sexy eye contact. “I haven’t” I replied.

He looked down for a brief second. “That surprises me” he said.

I laughed again. “What surprises you?” I giggled.

“It surprises me that you haven’t fucked anyone from work. All the men want to fuck you. They talk about it all the time. “

I looked at him. I was loving this conversation. “I didn’t say I hadn’t fucked anyone from work. I said I hadn’t fucked any of the men” I answered.

It took a moment for the penny to drop, and then suddenly he looked a little shocked. “What, what do you mean?” He stuttered.

I smiled seductively. “Well, I’ve definitely fucked a couple of the women.”

He looked genuinely shocked. Took a big swig of his wine and then ordered us another bottle to the table.

I looked down. I had sensed it. I looked back up at him and pretending to be shocked I whispered to him “Oh my god, you have an erection.”

“Fuck, shit, fuck” he said, covering his erection with his hands. “I’m so sorry I didn’t realise it was noticeable”

I giggled and gently placed my hand on his leg. “Don’t worry, it’s really good that it’s visible. Most women would agree” I told him smiling. I took another glimpse at it. It looked big. Like I had expected. I looked back up at him. “What about you anyway?”

“What do you mean, what about me?”

I took a sip of wine. “Well, you said all the guys I work with want to fuck me…. You work with me.”

For the first time all night he looked a little bit lost for words. “I’m married” he said to me.

I pretended look shocked. “Ahh really, me too’ I said smiling a little.

“Are you?” He said. “Well what would your husband say if he found out we fucked?”

I giggled again. “Well he’d probably ask me if I enjoyed your dick, and how many times I came” I put my hand back on his leg.

He looked a little shocked again. “Was that guy who visited your office the other day your husband?”

“Which guy?” I asked him.

“The other day I was watching you. You locked the door and shut the blinds. I was certain you were fucking in there.”

“Oh you did, did you? Did that turn you on?’

He answered honestly. “Yes it did. Very much”

My hand was still on his leg but I knew his cock was twitching. I could feel the material of his trousers moving. “He was just a friend. I didn’t fuck him though” I took another swig of my drink. “He did taste fucking great though” I said before biting my bottom lip gently.

Elijah finally put his hand on my leg, really gently but it gave me goosebumps all over my body. “You’re trouble” he said.

“I’m the best kind of trouble” I replied.

Over the next hour or so we finished our drinks and decided it was home time. As we got out of the door he kissed me on the cheek. We said our goodbyes and he went his way and I went mine…

I wanted to fuck him more than anything but I had, had so much fun and I figure this could be more entertaining than anything.

I eventually got home, stripped off and got into bed. I was soaked. I grabbed a vibrator and it took me 3 orgasms to feel anything like satisfied…

At least I have something to look forward to at work though!

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