Top Tips for BJ’s in Toilets

I love sucking dick in a toilet of a bar or restaurant. It’s seedy but that only adds to the excitement. It’s something I do a lot with my husband on a night out, mid way through the evening. I love working him up and meeting him on a cubicle and finding out just how excited he is. Playing with him.until he cums in my mouth.

I’ve also done it with one night stands which can also be really hot – it’s sets an early marker for exactly the type of girl I am.

I’ve also sucked guys off in a cubicle, swallowed their cum or taken it all over my face, only to walk out and never see them again. This can be really fucking hot. It’s dirty, naughty and properly kinky.

Anyway I have definitely made mistakes along the way and I’ve learnt most of these the “hard” way, but here are my top tips…

  1. Always use the men’s toilet. If you’re caught wandering in, men generally handle seeing a women in the gents toilet a lot better than the other way round – rightfully so.
  2. Only do it in a nice bar/restaurant. Don’t be giving head in your local Wetherspoons.
  3. Always go in seperately. No one wants to be caught out. Or do we?
  4. Always send the man in first. He can check it’s all clean, got for purpose and all good to go for you.
  5. Always sit on the toilet seat. It’s the perfect height to take that throbbing cock in your mouth, and bathroom tiles can be cooooold on naked knees.

And finally.

  1. Decide beforehand where you want them to cum. I blundered once and ended up having to walk through a club with cum stains all over my dress!!

They are my top tips anyway… Do you have any of your own? Comment below xxx

2 thoughts on “Top Tips for BJ’s in Toilets

  1. I will be warning Ben that when he goes into the gents there may well be cubicles occupied by couples. I get stage fright in public toilets anyway…I would not be able to pee if I thought there was a couple next door.


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