The Nude Model

At work yesterday I received a text message off my old friend Bob. You can read about my last exploit with Bob here… The text message read:

“Hi babe. I have a massive favour to ask! I’m running a fine art, nude photography workshop tonight at my studio and my model has dropped out!!!! Any chance at all you’d be able to do it. 2 hours from 7.00 xxxxx”

I considered it for a few minutes as I’ve not done anything like it before but in the end I just thought ‘fuck it’ and agreed… It wasn’t until later in the day that I started to feel just a little bit nervous…

I arrived at the studio just gone 7 and Bob greeted me straight away. I could see a group of 5 other men sat down with their cameras waiting for me – they varied in age from I’d say about 20 to 45. Bob gave me a little silky dressing gown and said “Get changed into this and when everything’s set up you can take it off and everyone will take it turn to photograph you.”

Fuck, this was real now! I went into the back room got completely undressed and then walked out wearing nothing but my gown. I stood in front of the lights that were set up and waited for my direction. Bob was going first, and then the others.

“Ok, I think we’re ready now, can you lose the gown please?” I was really nervous but I slowly took it off and threw it to the side. Bob directed my poses and took photos. This is when I relaxed. It felt great being up there naked, all eyes on me. It turned me on. I started to think about the last time I had seen Bob. I wondered if he was thinking about us fucking… I felt my nipples harden and my pussy moisten almost instantly.

As the students took their turn my mind wandered. I wondered of any of them were turned on too. I was imagining that they were all naked, all aroused, hard cocks everywhere. It could easily turn into the gangbang I’m so desperate to orchestrate. I was turned on so fucking much!

Some students were more confident than others. Some were quiet but I loved the braver ones. The ones who would give me directions like “can you stick your ass out a little more?” Or “could you turn your tits towards me please” it was crazy fucking hot and I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and wetter! Oh how fucking joyous this situation could become!

The two hours went really quickly, and when everyone was finished I talked to the guys a little. One student, Matt showed me a couple of photos he had taken (these two) I asked if he would mind me using them. He said he’d love it so I gave him my email address. Matt is pretty hot, if not a little too young at 21 but I could definitely have some email fun…

He sent me these images today and I just replied back “Thanks Hun, I love the shots! Hope you enjoyed perving on me, as much as I did you!”

It may not have turned into the gangbang I was fantasising about but I’m so glad I did it! It was loads of fun and super fucking sexy…

Do you all like the photos?


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