The Story of… Elijah Part 3: Update

I thought you may like a little update about Elijah… If you remember the last thing I did was emailed him a link to my blog after our continuous flirting.

I didn’t actually see him again until this morning, and I was a little worried about what he was going to think, especially as he’s mentioned on this blog so much.

As break time arrived I made us both a coffee and took them into his office, which has become standard while we’ve been the only two in the office. The conversation went a little like this:

“Fuck Alice that blog is incredible. Is it all true?”

I smiled. “All of it is true.”

“Even the photos?” He asked.

I giggled a little. “Yep, even the photos. I guess you’ve seen all of me now.”

“It’s hot as fuck” he replied looking me right in the eye, undressing me in his mind.

“And is it true you really want to fuck me?” He murmured.

Fuck, I love our afternoon chats. They just get so smutty!

“It’s very true” I said biting my bottom lip. “and I know you want to fuck me too. You’re desperate too” I replied.

He remained quiet for a few moment. “It is true. I think you’re so fucking sexy. I can’t though…”

“Oh, I know” I said. “So tell me something” I said to him quietly.


“Have I got it right? You have. A short chubby dick?”

“I laughed when I read that. It’s spot on. It is. I guessed you would have noticed by the amount of times you manage to give me a boner.”

I laughed. “Your boner is my honour.”

I leant forward a little hoping he’d notice my pink bra peakingunder my white shirt… I think it’s safe to say he did…

“Some of the stuff you’ve done in the past is crazy!”

I smiled again. “I know, right. Do you like it?”

“I do. Very much. It’s so fucking exciting” he told me. “You know what I really liked” he asked me.

“Tell me”

“When I playfully spanked you last week and you called me Daddy, it turned me on loads, I didn’t really expect it to’

“Ah that’s cool. I used to date a guy who was really into that. It can be madly, fucking sexy!” I told him before taking a sip of my coffee.

“You’re so fucking naughty, in the best possible way” he says to me.

“Oh I know” I giggled… With that I finished my coffee and left his office. I’ll definitely be going in there for my lunch later this afternoon though… I hope it’s more sex chat…

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