Fuck, I Can Still Taste Her

My husband arrived back last night from almost a week of working away. I was so fucking excited to see him again, I had been counting the minutes all day!

He had told me all about a barmaid he had been fucking while he was away and it had me really, really hot.

When he got back the first thing he did was strip his suit off and lay on the bed to relax a little. I went and made us a coffee and by the time I had walked back into the bedroom I was ready to find out more!

I put our coffees down and sat on the edge of the bed. “So what was she like baby?” I asked, stroking his leg. “She was nice. Brunette, curvy with a few tattoos”. “Mmm she sounds hot” I said. “Would I have liked her?” My husband smiled. “You would have. Fuck, I’d have loved to have watched you two fuck” he told me. I ran a hand over his boxers. His cock was hard. “Just watch?” I asked with a smile. “Well obviously join in as well” he laughed.

I grabbed at his bulge. “I’ve missed this” I told him before pulling his boxers down. His big, hard, beautiful cock (my very favourite cock) immediately springing out. “It’s missed you too baby” he said to me as I stroked it a little.

I leant down and kissed his pubic area and balls as I continued to stroke his erection. “When did you last fuck her?” I asked him. He arched back enjoying the masturbation. “First thing this morning” he answered in between moans. “Oh that’s fucking hot” I told him. “Have you showered since?” I asked. “I didn’t get time baby” Fuck that was sexy!

I put the tip of his cock in my mouth, running my tongue around it at the same time. “Fuck, I can still taste her” I told him honestly. “Does she taste good?” He asked me, his breathing getting a little heavier. “She tastes really fucking good baby. I wish I could have licked her.”

My mouth continued to suck his cock gently as my hand alternated from stroking his beautiful cock to grabbing at his tight balls. “Did she suck you off as well as I do honey?” I asked with a cheeky little smile across my face. He leant back again pushing his cock a little deeper inside my mouth. “Ahh fuck. No one sucks my cock as well as you do baby!” I was so turned on, licking her juices off his throbbing cock. “Good boy, that’s the right answer” I told him before deep throating him and holding his entire cock in my mouth for a few seconds. “Ahhh fuck baby” he cried out. I started to suck him and stroke him faster, only pausing to talk occasionally.

“Mmmm she tastes so good baby”
“You could have fucked me while I licked her”
Then I’d work on his cock again.
“Then you could have bent her over and fucked her in the ass while she licked me out”

I knew from his breathing he couldn’t take anymore. I deep throated him one more time, then pulled his cock out of my mouth and stroked him hard and fast. “Welcome home baby” I told him as he emptied his cum all over my face. I stuck my tongue out to catch a little of the cum that was on my lips “It’s good to have you back.”

Actually, speaking of barmaids, it’s reminded me of something that happened a few years ago, which I must tell you all about soon…

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